11 11 not only good harvest in the micro shop pat

– good fashion orders amount to break 2 million 500 thousand service number fans rose 400%

12 am

and a good brand of women’s fashion beauty Anna (hereinafter referred to as good fashion) warehouse, more than and 80 employees, more than and 40 temporary workers are the packaging of goods be in full swing. On the 11.11 day, pat good women’s fashion store order amount exceeded 2 million 900 thousand, compared with last year, an increase of nearly 200%, including pat micro shop order amount exceeded 2 million 500 thousand. At the same time, 2 days before the big promotion, has just completed and pat micro shop binding public number, to achieve the growth of fans across the 400%.

a week before the big promotion, good fashion owner Liu Anbang has been doing a good job orders rise planning ahead of time combing the delivery process and the investigation of the warehouse, but pat micro shop over the expected amount of orders, forcing the next three days are full only in the warehouse through the packing, bitter and rejoice.

only in the early hours of November 11th to 1 hours in the morning, the order broke through the 500 thousand of the time of the year, the order of." Liu Anbang to 11.11 of this year’s big promotion to do comprehensive promotional activities during the preparation, in his use of CRM system to pat the background, once browsing, consulting, purchase, the point of contact of the promotional messages had a collection of shops 1 million users, and old customers buy gifts once 50 yuan vouchers, which brought hundreds of thousands of he is UV, the conversion rate reached more than 5%. At the same time, he precise positioning of customers, through direct hand pat Q space, WeChat direct number and other public way in advance for drainage pat shop, only 11.11 day delivery amount reached about one hundred thousand, achieved sales breakthrough.

2011 Liu Anbang turned from the traditional clothing manufacturing industry, create a good fashion into a pat on the platform in 2013, after 2 years of development, are annual turnover exceeded 1.2 million, he said, after entering a pat on the platform to catch the pat direct express, realize the leap in the first stage. In October this year, the official opening of Pat micro shop, in front of the spent adjustment period, daily turnover from the beginning of November showed good fashion shops doubled, the average orders remain at 3000-5000, customer price at around 220 yuan, the monthly cost of advertising are estimated up to 3 million, the average ROI between 5-6, much higher than the the industry average.

for Liu Anbang, the 11.11 major gains is not only to promote the growth of over 200% of the amount of orders and store loyalty fans, but more importantly, the operation of the deep understanding of the operation of the store and the accumulation of experience. He believes that the current mobile electricity supplier is in the bonus period, several major platform providers more than 40% of the mobile terminal orders accounted for the future trend of mobile electricity providers also proved. Micro pat shop users precise dissemination of information delivery and social promotion, bring the re purchase rate than expected, which will greatly reduce operating costs, future businesses rely on self precipitation customers and let the consumer promotion mode, can create their own big promotion day, let every day become 11.11." Liu Anbang plans to

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