U S electricity supplier did not shake the physical retail only 50 Amazon

development of the electricity supplier can not shake the very influential, or retail in the position of the United states. Beijing Daily reporter found from the latest release of "American retail hundred list, the top 50 enterprises only Amazon appliance business is still occupy half of the country on the list, a comprehensive department store retailer.

on the list of the top 50 companies, the Beijing Daily reporter statistics found that a total of a total of 25 department stores, accounting for half of the seats. WAL-MART, Krogh and more than three listed in the top of the list. The only finalist in the electricity supplier companies Amazon ranked ninth. From this list can be seen in the United States is still unable to shake the foundation of e-commerce retail entity.


professional retailers are also the top 50 list of the main force. Among them, the home building materials retailer 2, food and drug retailers 6, household goods and apparel retailers, electronics retailers, 2, fast food retailers, mobile operators, 2, a total of 6. In China, accelerate the integration of online and offline channels, in order to meet the needs of consumers, the whole channel operators in transition. In the United States, although the electricity supplier companies rose less than China, but Messi department stores, WAL-MART and other large retailers are exploring the line. Although the status of physical retailers have not been shaken, but the crisis has forced them to accelerate the transformation.

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