Ma who can beat Wang Jianlin

electricity supplier in the war, the consumer is really get benefits, or is the merchant fooled?

in 2013 and 2014 is the business of the battle of the year, not you die I live is just


Jingdong from Beijing to send four a day, why?

do not build their own platform, the use of other people’s platform is not it?

why electricity providers can beat traditional retailers?!

N years later, the ground of retail stores will disappear, is that true?

this year’s 618 electricity supplier war is still attracting a lot of people’s attention. 18 early in the morning to go to the CCTV live guest, a girl on the side of the brush director online shopping page, side and colleagues lamented the "ah, mobile phone to sell this price. I just want to buy a small fan……"

these days with Tencent micro-blog users to communicate, to see a lot of interesting questions, of course, there are challenges to my point of view, are very spark.

although some consumers, electricity providers and suppliers have questioned the price war, but I think the price war will continue to fight in the future, because several major electricity supplier platform to profit from. For example, Tmall has always been only to businesses to provide the battlefield, take advertising revenue. Jingdong,, easy fast are now open platform also benefit.

and consumers do not have to be entangled in whether flicker. The business is certainly favorable, but there is a saying, only inside the mall to buy the wrong is not wrong to sell, bargain is less than 1% varieties, with these varieties to attract eyeballs and attention, but there are 99% varieties, there must be a profit. From the loss of turnover and access to the media brought about by the advertising effect, the electricity supplier must be the winner.

can be seen, after several rounds of electricity supplier war baptism, is to a deeper and broader direction.

Several giant "

the previous number out of the War Within Three Kingdoms" that is laohuangli. Today is a big battle, all names are involved in the real world, because of the war, killing "after" quack "to re row seating.

to the end of 2013, the total retail sales of social commodities online retail will rise from the current 9% to about 17%, close to the outbreak of the development of this thing, the point of 20%. So I expect that the next two years will be the critical point of the outbreak of the outbreak of online retail, is the decisive year for the electricity supplier, more new customers involved in online shopping at a faster rate. But because the Internet "winner" rules of survival, facing the explosive growth of the market share, each electricity supplier who also dare not neglect, who dare not backward. Participants will have a place in the electricity supplier market in the next two years, to share this year from 9% to 17% of the incremental market. Failed to win will gradually fade out of sight. This is a practical significance to the Huaihai Campaign, not you die I live.


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