Yahoo will buy American biggest restaurant reservations website OpenTable


OpenTable is the largest restaurant reservation site in the United States

sina science and technology news Beijing time on October 23rd morning news, there are rumors that the United States the largest online restaurant reservation service OpenTable is likely to become YAHOO’s acquisition target. Affected by this news, the company’s share price hit more than two days the day the largest one-day gain.

OpenTable shares rose 6.35% on Monday to close at $46.36 on the Nasdaq stock market, the biggest gain since August 3rd. The stock has risen 18% this year.

on Monday quoted a source familiar with the media, said Marisa · Marissa (Mayer) led YAHOO management seems intent on acquiring OpenTable. Meijer has also revealed that he hopes to enhance YAHOO’s technical and engineering strength. But consulting firm Telsey Advisory Group analyst Tom · (Ford Forte) believes that OpenTable focus on consumer services, YAHOO may not help this goal is small.

Ford said in an interview with the media, said: from a technical point of view, OpenTable is a telephone booking into online booking. YAHOO is more interested in some of the more technical enterprises."

YAHOO and OpenTable declined to comment.

OpenTable will be from the site to complete the subscription fee for each book business, and due to weak economic constraints on consumer spending, resulting in the company’s sales growth slowed. OpenTable current market value of $976 million, about half of the end of the second quarter of 2011.

YAHOO third quarter quarter cash and short-term investments of about $9 billion 400 million. (Si Yuan)

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