Squatting frequency from the storm Chinese domain name value

recently "Chinese.Cn" domain name registration message as one falls, another rises. "100 enterprises Chinese domain name has been registered" storm has not yet subsided, and now the "one-time Samsung Corp registered 470".Cn "domain name for himself" news. A registered domain name registration behavior in the industry is not a small billows.

from the point of view of domain name investment, in the domain name two market, the Chinese domain name is worth investing considerable controversy. Many people think that the domain name is not suitable for Chinese alone used to build websites, but to have English domain name website can play a big role, so Chinese domain name investment heat will not be too high. However, the number of Internet users in China is large, the number of Internet users in the elderly. This particularity leads to "China" domain name in the country will be recognized. Because compared with the English domain name, the Chinese domain name is more in line with the Chinese people’s daily language habits, for the elderly, can be used directly in the Chinese search information on the Internet is a great convenience.

for investment value, the Chinese domain name and the English domain name is not directly comparable. Chinese domain name is in order to cater to the Chinese Internet users of the habit. Domain name investors do not need to go to the company’s registered well-known Chinese domain is to grasp the value of the domain name Chinese. The professionals said: Chinese as domain name investors, the most sensible keywords is registered industry, product and service enterprises demand a high degree of. From the user’s point of view, do not know in this series of products have what brand, direct input "product name" + "Chinese." after he came to a company’s Web site, then for the user to remember the name of the enterprise and products, promote the enterprise in the user visibility will play a large role. As the enterprise should also be implemented as soon as possible their Chinese domain name registration and its own brand strategy, the relevant industry domain, is very good for the day after establishing a competitive advantage.

The day before the

telephone access to one of the five star ".Cn" domain name registration mechanism of network era, the agency responsible person told the author: "in fact, there are many methods of domain name investment. We do not want the domain name disputes occur, but the domain name disputes will make everyone suffer. At present we have launched the "buy gains four" Chinese.Cn "domain name registration activities, is to help enterprises protect domain resources, reduce the cybersquatting, hoping to maintain the normal order of the domain name investment industry play a role."

although the company name Chinese cybersquatting may be legitimate and impeccable, but when the flood damage, is one of the industry’s interests. So investors to avoid short-sighted behavior, there are many ways to invest in Chinese domain names, not limited to only one point.

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