Li Jing not by conventional card to win confused lost to understand

in the eyes of ordinary people is the most intimate sister Li Jing in the television like entertainment, in the eyes of Li Jingze Electric is a special case of a lone, too "different" is such a complete absence of "businessman" characteristics, founded the Oriental popular media and Le bee network.

not according to the "conventional" brand of entertainment "two" sister

Li Jing in the entertainment industry for 20 years, is recognized as the intimate sister circle, regardless of age are called Li Jing "love sister jing". Li Jing in the "super visit", "very quiet distance" and other programs dare say the character of love by the audience, and interviewed by Li Jing’s guests are always lively and are brought into the conversation nirvana, Li Jing’s show is out every little bit to do. Li Jing is careless in TV and have a fine intellectual, television many years of hard experience and glamorous, and did not let her own side lost her honest and frank, generous and true, and let her large circle star became a friend liangleichadao.

Li Jing my bones with "love toss" blood, from this point every time she sees life turning on. The way from Hebei TV broke into the CCTV, and so on in everyone "a secure job" envy’s resignation from CCTV alone, from Zhangjiakou to this little girl as if born with courage she has break the normal procedure, by saying: "people have the courage to give up! What you love, is a step by step to find myself." After the resignation of her dinner to eat a small stall in the hotel, with a bunch of director wine boast: "we want to do the most cattle production companies, the most cattle host". Today she thought the experience was very happy: "I am 27 years old before is a silly child, people think I’m not reliable, then why is it that reliable? Is continually trying something successful, one thing is successful, You’ll see. himself ”".

"personal independence of conduct" electric business "vase"

in the investment circle, investment people have a golden principle: investment depends on people." What size, prospects, there is no need to cast this person is important. Li Jing’s personality is not very consistent with the characteristics of the merchant, although her television media company by her business depends on her full of sound and colour, but "personality" thinking and "perseverance" tenacity, and it is these to get recognized by the capital market. In the friends eCapital CEO ran Wang introduced, Li Jing met Sequoia Capital partner Shen Napeng, and to encourage investment in support of Shen, she from the media industry kick into the business, with today’s This is a real cross.

if the creative characteristics of Li Jingna and do not take the unusual way of thinking with the media industry, but with the electric business and capital fight against, she also Dezhuan? Do business at the beginning, many industry insiders have concluded that she is the electric business of the vase, she was very angry. But think about it, I think they are right, they are both professional and experienced, you rushed in, you are not a vase is what ah, may

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