Electric leakage of personal information of consumers will be punished

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) yesterday was 3· 15 international consumer rights day, by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to develop a violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach formally implemented. Which provides that operators to disclose, sell or illegally provide consumers with personal information, will be punished.

at the same time, the commodity has opened shop "shall not be used as a reason to refuse to return, deliberately refused or delayed return will face a maximum of 500 thousand yuan penalty.

shall not send advertising

without the consent of the consumer

online shopping, consumers often need to provide mobile phone number, address and other personal information to the operator, the information may face the risk of leakage. "Penalties" pointed out that the operator without the consent of the consumer to collect and use personal information of consumers; consumer personal information leaked, sold or provided to others illegally collected; without consumer consent or request, or consumer expressly rejected, still to send commercial information, will be punished.

SAIC Consumer Protection Bureau, the personal information including name, gender, occupation, consumer birth date, ID number, address, contact information, income and property status, health status, consumption situation and so on, can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify the consumer information, the operator must express collect information the purpose and scope of the way, and by the consent of the consumer."

4 acts as intentional delay and unreasonable refusal to return

In the online shopping

no reason to return, businesses often has been opened and refused to perform, many consumers have a high threshold, rights difficult.

"against the interests of consumers behavior punishment measures" clearly stipulates that the operators of the sale of goods through the network, television, mail order, should take seven days no reason to return obligations, shall not intentionally delay or no reason to refuse. If the operator "after receiving the consumer demands the return date not for return procedures" and "to consumers has been opened, the impact of commodity inspection intact refused to return" and "not recognized by consumers, to the provisions of the goods does not apply no reason to return", "receipt of goods from the date of return is not without good reason to return the price consumers pay for goods of the 4 kinds of behavior, will be regarded as intentional delay and refuse, the business sector will be based on the severity of the highest, a fine of 500 thousand yuan.

in addition, the prepaid consumption, the provisions of the refund without agreement, in accordance with the calculation of the amount of money in favor of consumers refund amount. If the operator of a reasonable refund requirements for consumers, made it clear that no refund is also a deliberate delay or unreasonable refusal.


electricity supplier commitment: do not return to inform

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) Haidian industrial and commercial bureau and the Haidian Consumers Association said yesterday that it has organized the United States online, Zhongguancun online 10

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