The closure of Tmall website focusing on the training of rich nternet domain name flnet com

renamed China ( March 5th hearing, the recent news that Foxconn’s business networking officially launched, surprise is that the rich networking not in July 2013 has been officially launched before? This time, rich networking closed at the Tmall shop, seems to reuse the domain name



: Rich Internet

is a rich networking manufacturing giant Foxconn for the mainland launched a business platform, officially launched in July 2013, Foxconn attaches great importance to the platform, the more catch up with the purpose of Jingdong. Not long ago, rich networking closed in Tmall opened the shop, it is not difficult to see is to focus on building their own website.

rich networking using a combination of domain name, is "rich even" Pinyin initials "FL" and "net" word composition, rich networking protection domain Fu even Pinyin domain name has long been built women networking, Pinyin initials still abroad.

rich networking and "China" is a homonym, this has been controversial, quite a sense of targeting the female market, the electricity supplier location is dedicated to selling 3C products. In some cases in the past, including the Jingdong (, (, where the business domain is very important for an electricity supplier, is now the rich Internet domain name, after the replacement is not afraid of fate.

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