VANCL the future will join the 3D fitting technology

news March 29th, Eslite assistant president Xu Xiaohui recently participated in the "electronic commerce and online marketing Roundtable said, Eslite future will join the 3D fitting technology and video.

Xu Xiaohui said, Eslite is not a pure clothing brand, we are more like user experience and achievements of the company, in this regard, we do a lot of work, mainly in the following three aspects:

first, the site, the site experience is very important. For example, we will have a special color editor, every day with clothes and computer screen contrast color, so that the color of clothing, including texture and computer display color and texture of the picture as much as possible. In addition, in the picture presented on many of the details of local processing, there will be a model wearing clothes, such as 3D technology fitting we are preparing for the application, a lot of foreign clothing B2C is widely used in video, the future we will join


second, delivery service, first we will open in 2010 10 city Chinese self logistics, third party logistics is higher than 30%, but the controllability of the distribution team will give users a better experience. So this year will be in the 1800 city opened COD payment is cash on delivery, the number of administrative divisions in the China city is 2300, which means we covered 80% to 90% Chinese City, in any case do not pay to see the product and then decide whether to give money to fast delivery personnel.

In addition

, users get the clothes with? We last April has been the first in the industry to launch the fitting on the spot, on the spot is not satisfied with the return service, even half an hour to express etc.. If you do not fit the size of the clothes, you can return on the spot, or the size of the article can be exchanged for the appointment time, he can send you back again, until you are satisfied, and then give the money to the courier.

third, after sales service, we can not guarantee that there is no problem with the 100% products, because we may have tens of thousands of orders issued every day. In order to solve the problem of customer service service, we have 300 call center seats now, so that consumers are very convenient we get through the phone, last year we drop rate of only 5%, this percentage is gradually adjusted. In addition to deal with the problem of attitude has a way to share, consumers believe that the views in addition to playing the call center outside, we have complaints about the page in the page, this page issued all the news executives will receive all VANCL, we asked each CEO executives in charge of the scope of things must be the first time to reflect. This has become the KPI index of each staff executive. In other words, if you encounter any problems in the future, as long as the issue in this page may be better than the call center call.

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