Say goodbye to you 20 days of rice farming life now to say goodbye

dear elders:



I joined this big family minon has nearly 20 days. I almost gave up practicing calligraphy in the past 20 days. See article. Play the flute…. my personal interest hobby before. All left behind. Just to be able to get life in the first pot of gold in this colorful the Internet. Now I landed. Although not enough to meet. Not many investment funds. I will have started to sell their hard to do stand. Several students share the one thousand yuan and 300 yuan. There is no off. I brought fried rice. Now estimate also earn about 1500 of the (including some meters, is

) is low.

is my thoughts and you are not the same as I was beginning to invest in PR meters. Some PR meters nobody wants. I am a few yuan. Yuan. Take to sell stationmaster net above 50100. After a big update to PR. I plan to change my all failed. Investment of three hybrid rice. But I think my investment PR is a little more to make. But competition is not much. This is what everyone did not think (you should admit it) now I released. Not for anything else. I just in this market will reduce more than 3/2 so I do not intend to invest in. Domain name. Good to practice my calligraphy. Look at the experiences of others. Try to do " see more than do less to blow about "….

I joined minon is not a very long time. You are not very familiar with. But your experience and lessons. It is our greatest help. Because of your guidance and experience makes us less take many detours. I also want to own ideal to my ideal. Is to create a transnational company’s own (you may say I ambition). Although not true. Also Never mind. Should live happy life. Unrestrained freedom. This is a full life. I’m going to be 18 years old. The college entrance examination is coming soon. Although under great pressure. But still have a happy life. Happy to do everything. At the same time. I hope that the older generation does not sell the heart to treat every one meter. Don’t you m seriously. His life. When you treat every friend you don’t buy rice seriously. Don’t be angry because he don’t buy your rice. Hate him. Only to make money (and often see some of my friends. Because he did not sell discouraged. Lost confidence.).

I also advise my age. You minon stationmaster, the task now is to increase knowledge. Strong friends. Edifying. Find a hobby. The development of their own. We will have a happy life. 90 of the sky. But the time has not yet come. I believe that eventually one day 90 than 70 brothers. After 80, the elders better. More for the country. He got better grades.

I don’t

every day in minon and Admin5 above shouting to sell rice >

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