The electricity supplier to 100 years old as the long term goal is not too utilitarian

where the customer’s logistics companies wind up to start outside the single, and launched its own brand of clothing and Home Furnishing. In the case of the profit model is still the biggest problem in the industry, China’s electricity providers began looking for more ways to make money. Data show that in 2011 China’s Internet industry VC/PE investment disclosure cases 266, the total investment reached $8 billion 159 million, compared with an increase of 44.6% and 2010, respectively, and 218.5%. Under the urging of hot money, Chinese electricity supplier plate is bigger, but not a few profitable. Guangdong network association secretary general Huang Zirong said in an interview with this newspaper, "the business should also do a hundred years old, and should not be in the hot money catalytic Kuaijinkuaichu, this is not conducive to the development of the electricity industry Chinese."


recently, launched its own brand of clothing and Home Furnishing products, in this regard, match Wuzhou e-commerce CEO Wang Xionghai said, this is of positive significance for the electricity supplier, because the electricity supplier has well-known platform, but do not have their own core products, which makes electricity supplier just a reseller. It was revealed that Jingdong mall will launch its own brand products. At the same time, there are media reports, Eslite’s wholly owned distribution company built wind up the company will begin outside the single.

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business enterprise diversification "change" phenomenon, professional cosmetics website daily network senior vice president Wu Weiding believes that at present, many commercial enterprises by attracting venture capital platform to do it, but many commercial enterprises have not found a suitable profit model, return business is the fundamental way to Chinese electricity supplier.

last year, 5 billion 300 million U.S. dollars to invest in commercial

began trying to change the way behind in the electricity supplier, is various investment funds crazy shadow. According to the statistics of CVSource financial data products ChinaVenture group’s investment in the Internet industry, 2011 Chinese VC/PE investment disclosure in 266 cases, the total investment reached $8 billion 159 million, compared to 2010 growth of 44.6% and 218.5% respectively. Among them, 2011 e-commerce industry (including B2B, online shopping, online travel booking, business services, electricity providers shopping guide and search) disclosure of the case 116, a total investment of $5 billion 353 million, accounted for the total size of the Internet investment of 43.6% and 65.6%.

Guangdong network association secretary general Huang Zirong believes that venture capital do electricity suppliers now become mainstream, they copy the American enterprise mode, then the investment company listed on packaging, take the exit of high returns, which resulted in just two years Chinese appeared more than 6 thousand group purchase website. Huang Zirong said that the venture capital Kuaijinkuaichu way and detrimental to the entire electricity supplier industry China, "now the loudest is not profitable business, because the great pressure from the venture capital.

industry recommendations: electricity providers have to create

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