The fitness coach had become the transformation of private custom leveraging O2O mode

according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported that in the eyes of many fitness coach represents the youth and fashion, but in the hearts of their coaches, awkward groups: glossy surface, behind the hard charging; not low, but to bring personal income was suppressed. With this year’s coach door O2O quietly rising, the coaches can find customers through APP, get rid of the traditional store restrictions, from then on a pair of freedom and self-confidence of the wings.

private custom courses, student coaches have benefited from

in a company’s lounge, Mr. Yuan and two colleagues are being guided by a yoga instructor. An hour ago, he used a call practice APP, made a yoga instructor.

yuan: it is hard to work overtime on time. Sometimes do a fitness card, the results did not go down a few times a year, and even the shop closed the card did not run out.


class for their yoga teacher, Qiu Yu, was a high-end Yoga full-time coach, 7 years of experience and skills. But over the past two years, she has often been confused with "self value".

Qiu Yu: the value of feeling small. Sales can always raise wages, teachers can not be. Take a little more, the leadership will feel wronged sales.


office is not full course, low income. Qiu Yu thought a few years ago, do not have to open a shop, as well as the fans of the students’ freedom coach how good. She had tried QQ group and other ways to connect private life, but the effect is not good.

earlier this year, Qiu Yu accidentally discovered the coach O2O home software. Within a certain radius of service, the coach can be free for personal or business customers on-site service, office, living room and even outdoor turf can be venues, the two sides to establish a credit rating mechanism. This allows the determination of the transformation of the rain.

Qiu Yu: most of the courses in the professional clubs, the Internet is not much. But more than before, in the past is a fixed course, and now more flexible. The Internet gives me a class, see my hardcore powder is not much, a long time on the three or four section.

traditional Coach Industry leveraging O2O model transformation

Qiu Yu is working toward career freedom and financial freedom. This O2O is affecting every corner of the coaching industry.

, 28, is a professional golf coach. The university four years of professional sports, to make her golf etiquette, from theory to fully grasp the skills. After work, she found the project tall, but does not represent the level of income of the coach.

Ding Lan: 13 years ago, no salary, the performance. Most venues 37, we are 46, ten thousand, we take the four thousand. At first I was four thousand or five thousand in January. Start a little confused.

love for the professional, plus the Shandong girl’s straightforward personality, Ding LAN quickly through the adaptation period. For the fitness industry, the relationship between the coach and business sales and contradictions, her way to deal with the difference: the sales as customers and partners. So she and sales

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