Brewmaster network marriage Jingdong refraction vertical business platform threatened by growing cri

speed transit Shanghai recently, brewmaster network join hundreds of wine enterprises settled in Jingdong flagship store. The Jingdong open platform will open Easy Access as brewmaster network, the future of the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages to expand the depth of cooperation diversity, to provide consumers with a more professional and comprehensive wine online shopping experience.

this partnership, Jingdong huge flow, perfect logistics and customer service to provide potential customers support for the brewmaster network, and brewmaster network can be based on their professional advantages of Jingdong to enhance sub category management ability. Jingdong 3C advantage of solid, diversification is also step by step forward.

hand 100 brewmaster network wine enterprises

integrated electricity brewmaster network and Moutai jointly held the day before the strategic cooperation press conference, the full range of products including brewmaster network will be the Chinese sauce, Jen wine, flying, vintage, Moutai group. At present, the brewmaster network has bring Moutai, Wuliangye, and other hundreds of Langjiu wine enterprises settled in the Jingdong flagship store, the Jingdong of liquor products become more abundant. The Jingdong will open Easy Access brewmaster network, to provide warehousing, logistics, distribution and data services.

It is reported that

, brewmaster network cooperation in hand domestic second tier brands of liquor nearly 200. Hao Hongfeng said, "we have been trying to establish a professional" electricity ecosystem ", and the common development of enterprises involved in wine liquor electricity supplier market, put together the cake bigger, and this is our focus on the core business of wine retail expansion. In the end, everything we do is to sell more and better wine."

in this regard, industry analysts said, the brewmaster network not only occupy the half of the market share of Taobao liquor, but also directly or indirectly "control" of the Jingdong, Gome, Suning, Dangdang, shop No. 1 liquor channel, in addition, also the reverse control nearly 200 domestic second tier liquor brands.

senior Internet observers, speed transit Institute executive director Ding road had said in the analysis of the speed transit network Institute of liquor electricity supplier market data, liquor had trillion market in China a year, even if the liquor business occupies only the share of 10%, there are 100 billion of the trading volume, and is now in full may the infinite development period China liquor electricity supplier in the future. Foresee 3–5 years will be an annual turnover of billions of enterprises.


brewmaster network marriage

the afternoon of July 16th, Jingdong and mall brewmaster network announced a strategic cooperation in beijing. Then the two sides in the platform to build, users and traffic sharing, branding and other aspects of the depth of cooperation will be carried out. In addition by hundreds of wine enterprises brewmaster network operating will be located in the Jingdong’s flagship store.

vice president of Jingdong, Kui Ying Chun had said this, electronic business platform and vertical business cooperation is the future trend. The Jingdong will be driven by a professional brewmaster network potential and big data, cloud computing and other information technologies, build wine marketing platform and the scale of the supply system, and strive for greater market share. With Jingdong and

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