China’s nternet domain name investors list

in recent years, domain name investment has been the focus of attention, as the stock market after another hot investment industry. Due to the domain name can not copy the characteristics, as early as the domain name of the early days of the international registration has been a lot of people began to engage in domain name investment, at the same time, some people with advanced consciousness into the industry. Most of these people have been very successful in the Internet industry, and now please follow the win from the domain name in the investment from the perspective of re understanding of the domain name:

· Cai Wensheng (Pizi), with tens of thousands of quality domain names, domain name strategy is one of the earliest attention of investors, China has the most 3 letters.Com and.Cn investors, worth millions of dollars under the domain name many, such as,, was successfully re registered to the and donated it to the Lenovo Group and create a great sensation, and now the successfully sold the world’s largest search engine

· Xu Yang, with thousands of excellent international domain name, is the most can earn dollars in investment experts, a large number of international domain names sold to American companies, under the name of natural flow every year has a very substantial income, its website with and as the representative. Rumors of his domain name natural flow together can make a website Alexa ranking directly to the top 100.

· Lin Lin (Halin), with 1-2 million boutique domain name, there are many millions of dollars worth of international domain names, such as, He is also the first use of the Registrar to register the domain name.Com interface, is thus obtained.

· Zhao Huichuan, early emigrated to Canada to engage in traditional industries, in 1997 began to invest in the domain name, with tens of thousands of domain names. At the peak of its own.Cn domain name registration accounts for the total amount of 10%, the domain name containing the name, occupation, hobby, zodiac constellation and high-quality platinum English word domain letters I and E at the beginning, and succeed in 2005 sold to the world’s largest search engine Google. Beijing’s state network and the linkage of the company is a veteran online.

· Gong Genyuan (Tianshi), with thousands of top quality domain, is one of the earliest people pay attention to domain name, delete the earliest learned domain rules,,, are his masterpiece of investment.

· Zhuang Liangji (BookSir), with nearly 10000 Pinyin domain name, is the largest investment in the field of Pinyin COM domain name investment experts, investment success stories include well-known,, qiez>

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