Agricultural electricity supplier the upcoming venture outlet


recently, agricultural electricity providers an acre of land for "data too the United States accused of fraud and other news, frequently brought to public opinion in the teeth of the storm. There are reports that thousands of national electricity supplier of agricultural products, 95% losses, which led to the society of agricultural electricity providers doubts. However, the major Internet giants and listed companies have vied for the trade of agricultural products entrance. In the days before the Beijing News held for Chinese hit off (ID:xjbmaker) activities, many investors and entrepreneurs also believe that the trade of agricultural products will become the following books, clothing, 3C of the fourth round of the electricity supplier boom. Agricultural electricity providers in the eve of the outbreak, will become the next venture outlet.

why hand agricultural electricity providers large losses, on the other hand, has attracted a lot of investors and entrepreneurs? What is happening in agricultural electricity supplier in the field of


agricultural electricity providers large losses

in the fierce competition, some agricultural electricity supplier has closed down. According to incomplete statistics, the recent collapse of the small Nongnv, excellent dish network, Huayi 10000, also has automatic line of Yonghui "half of the sky". In the capital market cooling trend under the background, more and more game player out, I have Tian founder Xu Xiaofeng told the Beijing News reporter, according to his observations, in Shanghai alone, there are more than a dozen agricultural electricity providers died this year. Excellent value for half an emergency notice posted before, saying that due to business adjustments will be closed in August 31st, the current page all the products have been off the shelf.

Xu Xiaofeng said that the electricity supplier is a difficult field of agriculture, if you do not get financing, it is difficult to hold up to now. Amoy technology founder Wang Xiang said that the added value of agricultural products is very low, but high cost of logistics, preservation, in some cases even more than the cost of goods. These are the agricultural electricity providers need to face the problem.

in order to reduce the loss of agricultural products, especially fresh food, the need for cold chain transport. Originally life vice president Dai Shanhui told reporters that the third party logistics is not the last one kilometer cold chain transport capacity, vertical agricultural electricity providers can only choose self logistics. The cost of cold chain logistics is much higher than ordinary transport.

According to

"2014-2015 China agricultural e-commerce development report" shows that the current domestic electricity supplier of agricultural products is close to 4000, but only 1% of the profit, the other 7% losses, 88% slight deficit, 4% flat. The crisis of agricultural electricity providers to


Internet giants and investors are still optimistic about

in the bad information frequently at the same time, agricultural electricity providers has attracted investors including VC/PE, the attention of listed companies. Including Jingdong, Alibaba, longpinggaoke, DaBeiNong and a number of listed companies of agricultural electricity providers also showed strong interest, have been staking, agricultural ecosystem layout of the internet.

part of the agricultural electricity supplier also frequently get high investment. Bulk commodity trading platform, agricultural products collection network recently announced the acquisition of the branch and its chairman of the board of directors to invest tens of millions of B round of financing.


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