Taobao push entity sub warehouse different businesses a package

Alibaba affiliated Taobao announced yesterday that the investment stake in private courier companies stars even. E-commerce hand logistics company, such a scenario will slowly appear in our online shopping.

of course, this way there is a proper term called "solid sub warehouse". chief financial officer Zhang Yong: "the concept of entity positions is very simple, hope in the country according to the characteristics of consumer distribution, set up warehouse in various regions, these storage can help businesses, to allow businesses to a part of the goods to the region, to complete the consumer’s nearest escort"

China Express Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Shao Zhonglin: the establishment of a storage center, express and logistics combined in two forms. In a variety of practices in foreign countries has been more common, but our country is not a lot of. Now the company has begun to explore this way."

Taobao hand logistics, another change from the payment method. Crunching is the most ideal way of online shopping, Alipay? No, it is a more intuitive, we are very familiar with the mode of payment: credit card. Express employees with goods arrived in front of you, still in the hands of a mobile POS machine, this way you can pick up on the spot trading, certainly can also be rejected on the spot. Yesterday, even if the star announced that in April 20th, the first phase of the launch of 1500 Mobile POS machine, to provide offline services for Taobao users.

these changes in the future will be in our online shopping slowly appear, yesterday and the two main characters also attracted attention is a new term: "cloud logistics". A lot of people think it is the idea that the stars, even the 51 year old chairman Chen Ping, made him the first to win the favor of Taobao. Chen Ping: "cloud express is indirect and direct and join the exploratory mode, he absorbed the direct express company and join the express enterprise advantage, put out the terminal, we as a core part of the platform, but the management is direct, simple, is such a model."

Many reporters

site including me, after listening to or a little foggy feeling. After a number of industry insiders. I finally understand the mysterious. The concept of cloud logistics, like his name, has the characteristics of cloud movement, flexibility and openness. In terms of logistics, in two to clouds to each other in the direction of flowing, to achieve business docking. Taobao will be a step forward than before, will be concentrated to order data to the logistics companies, even stars will be more forward by step, the order of data classification, entity positions.

there are indications that Ali group and the stars even if the cooperation is just open the door of e-commerce and logistics companies together, there will be more changes in the future waiting for us to find.

on the one hand, the development of our private courier, we need a lot of money, let him upgrade, armed with advanced equipment. On the other hand, in the courier industry, there are some funds willing to vote figure >

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