Liu Qiangdong CCTV dialogue program Jingdong is a matter of time beyond Ali

[Abstract] Liu Qiangdong believes that the future of all Internet companies, if you want to continue to succeed for a long time, will gradually change.

Tencent technology news (Guan Mufei, Gao Guohua) recently, (micro-blog) was invited to participate in the CCTV dialogue program, from Jingdong to do self, self storage, has been talking about the views of the rookie logistics. Liu Qiangdong think, really lived a century enterprise is the real economy, all Internet companies, if you want to continue to succeed, will gradually towards the development mode.

is involved in the guest of the show include: today’s capital founder and President Xu Xin, entrepreneurs Horse Group founder and chairman Niu Wenwen (micro-blog), "a Jingdong" author, new economy 100 company founder Li Zhigang, deputy editor in chief of "Forbes" Chinese version before Mr yin.

program, Liu Qiangdong also talked about the hardships, said he had two real fear: once the SARS period for fear of illness and shutting down all stores employees, there is a financial crisis, and broke the news of their forehead a cluster of white hair is then appeared.

below is part of Tencent science and technology finishing record:

beyond Ali became the first only a matter of time

Moderator: (Jingdong) this spell color and feel, we can come up in the back of the poster, you see, fighting, only the first".

Liu Qiangdong: we first define Jingdong, not only broad on the first, we hope that we can be greater than second to tenth is the first.

anchor: just because you want to do first, others want to do first, so you will have the pedestria moment, some people will be considered a rival Jingdong. Among these opponents, some are familiar with, we take a look (big screen), there are Ma Yun (micro-blog), Zhang Jindong, (micro-blog), behind the three men, do you have a good relationship with them, right?

Liu Qiangdong: it’s very good. I’m very good friends with Li Guoqing.

anchor: but you just did not mention Ma, also did not mention Jindong.

Liu Qiangdong: maybe it’s because of age. They’re much older than me.

host: too old?

Liu Qiangdong: there is a generation gap.

Moderator: choose one of these three people, who may become your first step in the process of the biggest resistance?

Liu Qiangdong: there is only one Ma ma.

host: do you have any plans to leave him behind?

Liu Qiangdong: as long as there is enough time, after all, we will have more than ali.

why Jingdong do proprietary



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