Li Guoqing said Dangdang mobile client orders accounted for 30%

CEO Li Guoqing recently revealed mobile data terminal, wireless traffic continued to rise in June, the hottest shoes flash purchase, APP orders accounted for more than 30% new high.

Li Guoqing said, for online shopping users, good goods, low prices and service improvement is very important. At the same time, he also said that the phone Dangdang version of APP has been on the line, the wireless experience can not be a moment of revolution.

contrast June B2C electricity supplier’s mobile terminal orders data, Dangdang mobile terminal sales accounted for 30%, accounting for orders accounted for more than Jingdong during the 6.18. said mobile terminal growth on the one hand due to the increase promotional efforts fanquan, on the other hand due to the simplified shopping and payment process. recently a new on-line version of the IOS mobile phone Dangdang APP, on the pages of reducing classification level, while increasing the classification in a particular Museum, museum launched the product search function, and adjust the layout of a single product and home page.

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