Convenience electricity supplier unfair competition in the first case 19 won the favor of the loss o

with the outbreak of the Internet industry, market competition is increasingly fierce, various Internet companies in order to obtain greater market share is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, but many enterprises adopt "unconventional" means to carry out unfair competition, triggered a dispute, such as public comment v. Baidu 360 Sogou prosecute unfair competition, unfair competition and so on. "Unconventional means will cause adverse effects to the market environment, facing more and more no limit the tear forced war, many companies began to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

recently, Beijing Haidian District City People’s court Chinese convenience first electricity supplier industry unfair competition case — Beijing 19 station Agel Ecommerce Ltd accused the Nanjing Ning Network Technology Co. company, the defendant Jiangsu kilometer Network Technology Co., unfair competition dispute case verdict, Ning kilometer network to send the company constitute false advertising, commercial defamation, and against the 19 easy well-known commodity name right, constitutes unfair competition. The court ruled that the two defendants to stop the unfair competition behavior, and to eliminate the impact of the public; joint compensation for the plaintiff Beijing Yi Station Agel Ecommerce Ltd economic losses of 1 million 500 thousand yuan and a reasonable fee of $128 thousand yuan.

the whole story, unfair competition behavior in the establishment of

case lasted more than a year before and after the case, the origin of the case to be traced back to the two defendants all kinds of unfair competition behavior.

a, counterfeit behavior. The defendant Nanjing Ning Network Technology Co. company (hereinafter referred to as: Nanjing Ning school) Beijing 19 station to counterfeit the plaintiff Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: 19e) client software "19e pocket shop" and "19e home", the introduction of a similar name, similar "Nineteen e shop", "19e home" service, confused, misled buyers;

two, commercial defamation. The defendant Jiangsu kilometer network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as: kilometers network) with the February 3, 2015 release for the 19e’s article "don’t be boring, low-level thing a letter" – kilometer network to 19e employees in its official micro-blog, "just do some tricks in a sneaky way behind in this paper, the is loser, that is the loser" and other terms, obviously for 19e goodwill derogatory, constitute defamation;

three, false propaganda behavior. Nanjing Ning pie and kilometer network in knowing that 19e company and the similar business case, still use "19e" for Baidu search promotion, and regardless of ranking search results first or second, in the link name, link that frequent use and change the use of "you and me?", "the absolute profit ratio high contrast upstairs" and other propaganda way, subjective intention is very obvious, constitutes false propaganda;

four, dig customer behavior. Nanjing Ning and the network staff to high return by telephone, text messages, e-mail and other ways to induce 19e employees and franchisees, subjective malicious intent to dig customers, openly contrary to the basic business ethics;


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