Gome online molested Tmall two 11 to do the best

October 31st news, according to Jingdong and Tmall’s "double eleven" trademark war yesterday, Gome online also issued a statement, said the double eleven belongs to all Internet users, is the common opportunity of the major electricity supplier, should not be the monopoly by who.

"trademark ownership, market without borders. Double 11 belong to all Internet users, but also the major electricity providers to serve the common opportunities of users, should not be able to monopolize. ’11’ does not belong to the United States online, but the United States will be the best online in two to do 11." Gome online wrote in a statement.

online said the United States, the double eleven, Gome online and offline will act together, with the greatest sincerity commitment profit to consumers. It pointed out that the double eleven period, the line of all businesses advertising price of $11, and provides a regular delivery service, overtime payment of $11. The line will be launched the expensive to lose, the timing of the new strategy, from the price, logistics, service and other aspects of the "outflanks" competitors.

according to reports, the United States online hopes to double eleven direct competition in the appliance category and the Jingdong, which has launched promotion activities from October 28th, 4 days earlier than Jingdong. Although the United States to participate in the whole category to promote the whole category, but the biggest discount is still the dominant category of home appliances 3C.

previously, Gome online also said that due to APEC during the meeting (November 3rd to 11) the vehicle odd even may affect the logistics distribution, it will take 50 line Beijing area stores will become a temporary warehouse according to the delivery address, the nearest distribution of the user, and the user can also choose to nearby stores from mentioning.

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