Jingdong mall buy platform strategy the introduction of handle settled

morning news, Jingdong mall is promoting the group purchase platform strategy, following the full, tick group group purchase settled, handle network and Jingdong mall today signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will be assigned to the Jingdong to handle network mall group purchase platform, providing local services for the group purchase goods.

has previously said the Jingdong adjust mall group purchase business, leaving only part of the real business, and the local life class group purchase business will be outsourced, when rumors of the disk access Wo Wo Group, handle website. However, according to sources, Jingdong buy business strategy is the platform route, will introduce a number of buy site.

for the cooperation with Jingdong, founder of the handle network, said Wu Bo, for the group to buy the company, the channel is a diversified development trend, but also the inevitable development of the industry. Currently buy the industry has entered the winter, the handle took over the Jingdong to buy the business, to be able to convert more online shopping users to buy.

Jingdong to launch by the end of 2010 the group purchase business, analysts believe that e-commerce industry has experienced expansion last year, this year into the contraction and integration of years, we will concentrate on good core competitiveness, while some non key business class will select the cooperative operation, it can reduce operating costs.

not long ago, Wo Wo Group had to take over the market both sides will share the group purchase business flow and buy into. However, it is not clear that the separation between the handle and Jingdong mall. (Cui Xi)

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