Alibaba involved in the home industry to break the pattern of the industry

China’s e-commerce market is growing rapidly. Subsequently, the online giants are stepping up to the traditional consumer segments to enter the market.

data show that in 2013 China is expected to exceed 1 trillion of the size of the online transaction, 420 million of Internet users will choose to buy goods online 35%. In recent years, e-commerce as a new business model, VC concern, but also much sought after by traditional businesses. Clothing, footwear, toys, books, 3C…… More and more categories of goods in the field of e-commerce development, mature, penetrate into the daily consumption of online shoppers who.

under a 10 -11 June, the Alibaba group sponsored the "2011 China first Home Furnishing summit will be opened in Hangzhou, Home Furnishing industry heavyweights, brands, online e-commerce sellers and electronic commerce industry think tank will be gathered here on the development of domestic industry and Home Furnishing change, even in the next 10 years, the pattern of changes in the industry. Launch a feast of ideas.


design, warehousing, logistics, customer service and installation of industrial ecological chain, whether it is furniture, appliances and other large items, decoration materials and other raw materials, textile or furniture and other goods, the active in the electronic commerce platform Home Furnishing commodity trading share is increasing. Group purchase activities Sibutramine furniture mall Taobao launched last year, attracted over a million people participate in, pay the transaction amount more than 50 million, caused great concern in the traditional sales business.

in fact, Taobao as the representative of the Alibaba Home Furnishing category platform, trading volume has far exceeded the traditional offline stores, become a fertile ground for the development of the industry. It is understood, including Sibutramine furniture, power Dekor, sanitary ware, textiles, Kohler send nearly 3000 line brands have been stationed in Taobao mall. It is not difficult to imagine, a slight change in the rules of the platform, perhaps the development of the industry will have no small impact.

reporter learned that the summit tickets sold on the first day of the store was robbed 1/5, the seller of the home industry, especially the brand is an active participant in the summit. For many years engaged in the home industry channel agent business, said: the traditional business to do e-commerce to pay tuition, we must understand the rules of the platform to understand the habits of consumers, to enter the circle, the establishment of contacts." The merchant also said: open the high-end market is the development target of the enterprise, a lot of choice, now consumers perspective, businesses must have a market genuine goods at a fair price.

"electronic commerce can not be divorced from the specific products and industry categories exist. The network groups to further develop, must be firmly buried in the breakdown of the traditional industries." Analysis of the Home Furnishing summit organizers Alibaba group in charge of marketing, clothing, books, 3C has become the best-selling products in the e-commerce platform, Home Furnishing emerging growth rate is also very impressive category.

according to the survey, in 2009 the sales volume of home network market is 11 billion 200 million yuan, the industry believes that within the next 3 years will reach 700>

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