The battle of sequelae of businesses without the goods are still difficult to recover the billing re

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China sound "peak Evening News" reported that from the beginning of August 15th, and other Jingdong electricity price war is now nearing the cease-fire, but around this wave of price war consumer complaints has ushered in another peak, highlighting the various sequelae of panic buying.

The electricity supplier price war in the twinkling of an eye at

lasts about 10 days, seems to be in full swing of the price war, promotions far did not reach the expectations of consumers, and all kinds of chaos during the price war around a few business services has ushered in another peak of consumer complaints.

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1:17 number of consumers saw a Nikon digital camera, 10 o’clock on the order, immediately 10 points 02 points paid, I must meet the requirements, one is single, the second is the payment is successful. Because has successful payment page back to me. More than 10 minutes to show the exception of orders, the state does not belong to the normal range, I did not understand.

2: consumers bought 3 items, two printers, a refrigerator, when I was at the time of payment is cash, then tell me a piece of goods out of stock, the goods I paid for it should be decided not to others.

consumer 3: ordered a total of 4 goods, to today, the twenty-seventh day, things have not sent me.

according to the Nanjing Municipal Center for the 12315 complaints report shows: as of noon on the number of 27, a total of 244 consumers call the hotline 12315 complaints. 70% of consumers reflect on businesses in knowing that out of stock, still only billing, and promised within 3 days of delivery". And when consumers are forced to deal with the return, but also can not get the refund.

12315 center staff: the main problem is out of stock. Is a lot of concessions, when the film is the goods, but has been delayed delivery. Suning customer service said that this product is temporarily out of stock, there is no way to ship, so that consumers apply for return. Then some consumers apply for returns, but the money is probably not separated for a long time back to consumers, consumers will complain.

Delivery for the most consumer complaints

, relevant responsible person said that they have been in the customer service delivery problems coordination processing. official: I have been here with him to deal with this matter, because we do delivery problems, leading to delays in a period of time, really a little problem here because the warehouse, temporarily unable to find the goods, we have a variety of coordination with his plan, to do such a long delay time, basically is to do to make him happy, but we also try to make him satisfied. As a large enterprise, we will certainly be optimized for each detail, will not be allowed to occur, the development of the continuous optimization must be continued.

according to a Amoy network released electricity supplier price war truth report shows >

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