Used car electricity supplier will enter the eve of the outbreak of excellent letter or become the b

recently, released by iResearch consulting in the second half of 2015 second-hand car e-commerce industry white paper (hereinafter referred to as the uniform white car used in the second) caused the industry attention. On the one hand, the report reflects the rapid growth and lagged Chinese second-hand car business, is in the eve of the outbreak; on the other hand, Chinese second-hand car business platform value recognized, in the future, this is a vast blue ocean is not lost on the new car market.


used car electricity supplier first year

"used car white paper" shows that from 2009, the domestic new car sales explosive growth; since 2010, the new year sales of more than 18 million units. According to about 5-6 vehicle replacement cycle, in 2015 China will usher in the peak of the replacement of used cars. The emergence of the Internet, solved in the process of second-hand car trading data, asymmetric information opacity and other issues, but also makes the second-hand car trading platform provider for the explosive growth in 2015, and even can be said that 2015 is the first year of second-hand car business.


specific to the used car business platform, excellent letter second-hand car, second-hand car seeds and excellent car Eslite belong to different camps. Among them, from the perspective of the capital and the user, the preferred mode of second-hand car belongs to the most popular ToC market. In the past 2015, the market share of TO C model has been close to 40% of the industry as a whole, with the C side of the market and the growing demand for second-hand car market continues to increase, the second-hand car electricity supplier will further develop.

used car white paper shows that through advertising, more C end users are educated, and gradually accept more and more consumers are willing to buy second-hand car platform used car. As of 2015, there are more than 50% of users said they would like to buy second-hand car business platform. The second half of 2015, China’s second-hand car electricity supplier industry TO C model platform turnover reached 320 thousand, the total turnover of about $30 billion 720 million.

excellent letter leading position

in today’s second-hand car electricity supplier market, who can solve the user pain points, which TO C used car business platform will be able to get the opportunity. This pain point including second-hand car information opaque, training users buying habits; rich vehicle resources, meet the user’s buying habits; and can provide the corresponding services such as financial products, to help C users to better buy second-hand car.

, excellent letter of second-hand car with excellent letter group at the B end car dealer resources, quickly broke out in the second-hand car business into the TO C market, by virtue of its retail car source advantage, but also to the used car dealers to expand sales channels, at the same time to solve the B end C the transaction pain point.

through the comparison of the data in the Ai Rui report can be seen in the second half of 2015, the total volume of second-hand cars have excellent letter to maintain rapid growth trend >

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