Taobao blacklist formally launched

January 9th at 4:34 in the afternoon, Taobao officially announced the micro-blog Zhang Yu Yu Yan, who had collected opinions of sellers in mid June officially launched the blacklist function! This function in the ECRM system by adding the label "forbidden to buy" in the form of the corresponding management of the buyer! At the same time, said ECRM has fully free




In fact,

as early as last June, Zhang Yu, vice president of Alibaba in micro-blog on whether the seller blacklist function need to seek the views of users, most sellers expressed support for the opening of the blacklist function, also hope that the seller can view the buyer credit record function.

Taobao shop owner, although I was a small boss as early as the end of 2012 in the Alibaba community strongly suggested that the release of Taobao blacklist function. There are three main reasons: first, as the years he bluntly met some best buyers shop, these buyers who buy something will give bad review, find out the reason or quality is not good, or not worth the price, but this customer has often come to the shop to buy things, the owner I am really helpless. Second, some colleagues would deliberately finding fault over the trouble, I know this but also can not sell. Third, there is a small part of buyers will have to bargain mentality, just buy things will bargain, both wasted time and efficiency, if there is no sale they will buy, and will be out of anger to the poor.


manager Ningning said there have been similar proposals to Taobao before their own, do not want to sell him directly pull the black, pulled the black people to order, so the seller is relatively fair. Things are mine, I should have autonomy, do not want to sell can not sell. Sometimes if you encounter some savage and absurd buyers, she would prefer to delay delivery lost the other money is not willing to sell them, because these problems will be very troublesome customer service.

these years for Taobao users to ensure the rapid accumulation of user experience, the implementation of the rules are as far as possible to protect the interests of the buyer to buyer and seller, as not only have no equal rights, but also some are often good at drilling Taobao rules people knock on a pen. The seller is extremely unfair point is: any buyers without any reason, without any evidence, can be given to any honest sellers bad, does not need to provide a variety of evidence as the seller rights that can be changed through the audit evaluation. This is the cause of so much occupation bad teacher the reason, because Taobao rules are too biased buyers while ignoring the interests of the seller, so they rely on such vulnerability to blackmail and impose exactions on the seller.

is part of the seller worry blacklist useless, buyers can retaliate against the seller through the application of multiple account form. If you encounter such a poor quality of the buyer, since he dared to pull the black seller will not be afraid of his revenge, after all, this is a very small number of people, even if they encounter, he can retaliate here, that >

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