Sina micro blog marketing experiment

word-of-mouth marketing are very valued in terms of enterprise e-commerce enterprises and the traditional line, after all, marketing is the highest realm of word of mouth. What is the most popular social media channel? I think there is only one answer – micro-blog. Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Phoenix and Tianya opened micro-blog. But through the early practice, can be done in a short period of time a little bit of effect only Sina micro-blog and micro-blog. Several other name is big BUT although the actual effect is indeed a little difference, that given time and manpower is not particularly abundant or temporarily put aside.

my personal Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent opened time less than 1 months, and all of the real name authentication (real name authentication: "Cheng Yanan", interested friends can have a mutual powder), but objectively speaking, I am more like Sina micro-blog, the reason is very simple: the user habits (the initial experience and habits are important factors, e-commerce enterprises can not ignore the "as from the KFC breakfast in the long-term electricity supplier marketing strategy" mentioned in). At the same time to admire the development speed of Tencent micro-blog, and Tencent QQ client powerful.

now, more and more companies (either business electricity supplier or line) are doing marketing campaigns on micro-blog, but it is really worth? Indeed, micro-blog is growing very fast, but the enterprise in micro-blog account and set up "to attract" fans "issued a variety of information and preferential information. This can have little effect on the consumer


for the answer to this question, I’m going to do a little Test. I and my friends on a joint Sina micro-blog on a small scale test. We set up 2 accounts on Sina micro-blog, and then assess the impact on consumer behavior. One of Chengdu’s regional well-known enterprises (A), is very popular with consumers and recognition; I really a fictional company (business and the first company almost the same as B). In order to prevent some people think that advertising is suspected, I used A and B to replace.

first we from the customer information database of A company from 100 through E-mail to the real user data, they released a lottery market survey questionnaire, at the same time using SMS invitation A Sina micro-blog fans, which has 68 customers responded. After a week, A’s micro-blog account every will release some of the latest product information for 2 days, hot topics and promotional information, a month later I again made the customer survey found that 102 of these had previously been reply, reply to join A micro-blog fans, fans and non A companies. Then in the same way according to the first A micro-blog process, chose 100 real customers B company released the information, more carefully every day to publish promotional information, enterprise introduction, free to receive small prizes and other activities, only 27 of them became B’s fans, the number of response is only 41 times.


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