Handle network May performance statistics difference of 80 million 68 million or 150 million

group purchase navigation site 800 days ago released in May this year, the "China group purchase report" on the basis of this report, the market leader, after the group purchase lashou encounter "Waterloo", sales shrunk dramatically, fell to 68 million 180 thousand yuan, the "market first" position is meituan replaced. However, in accordance with the handle network CEO Wu Bo’s statement, handle net sales in May was 150 million yuan. Between 68 million 180 thousand and $150 million more than doubled, in the end is what causes the data have such a big difference?

statistics differ by 80 million yuan

group 800 released report shows that hand in hand in May sales of $68 million 183 thousand, while sales in April was $102 million, or up to 33.7%. On the list in April, lashou has achieved a sales far more than competitors. However, in May, the net sales not only behind the United States Mission Network (75 million 202 thousand yuan), the loss of the position of the boss, but also to catch up with the 24 tickets ($74 million 530 thousand). Not only is the sales, in group 800 announced a comprehensive group purchase website lashou parallelism, is off to fourth.


group and 800 published data is different from the media interviews that CEO handle Wu Bo day ago, lashou has exceeded 10 million registered users, May sales of 150 million yuan, the performance is on the rise.

68 million 180 thousand and 150 million, the difference between the two data is not tiny but adventitious quantity. Handle network performance "grandiose"? Or a rival in the "spoof" handle network


statistical radius caused by different

for the difference between the two sides of the data, mission 800 co-founder Hu Chen told the IT Times reporter, mainly due to the different statistical radius caused by.

Hu Chen introduction, mission 800 from July last year, the monthly market report released in the beginning of this year, in January this year began to adjust the statistical method, the country’s top 40 popular cities, the purchase of the site to monitor the mainstream of the 17. "Sales data by the machine from each site to grab the group purchase group purchase page, the number of transactions, including the activities of each group purchase price, price and product classification." Hu Chen said. Why not select the current data, because some sites may be popular in the current manufacturing data and previous data in water, less water.

Hu Chen admits that the data released in the report may be different from the actual sales of the group site, resulting in the difference is mainly in two aspects. Is a group of 800 different statistical radius, detection is 40 hot city, or can not cover the group purchase website all sub stations, such as some group purchase website in hundreds of National City have set up a station, we will only statistics 40 hot city data deviation can hardly be avoided." Two is because the website in single and group purchase Chechan phenomenon, "some group purchase project release, and because of disputes between businesses, group purchase.

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