Alibaba repurchase is expected to end early YAHOO investment was 14 times the return

"welcome to my office, I’m on the three floor of D, and I’d love to hear about YAHOO’s future." In the past weekend, YAHOO’s new CEO Meijer (Marissa Mayer) sent to employees after the first internal memo.

with a unique women’s delicate and somewhat sensational strokes, Meijer put more words on the "innovation" and "listen to innovation". The woman CEO admits she needs more time to learn about YAHOO and think about the future. In the meantime, the only thing she needs to do is to YAHOO people: do not stop, continue to work hard!

YAHOO second quarter results fell

Meijer really needs more time.

YAHOO has just released second quarter report shows that YAHOO’s second quarter revenue of $1 billion 218 million, compared with the same period last year fell 1%; net profit was $227 million, compared with the same period last year fell 4%. Online advertising revenue was $535 million, an increase of 2%. Search revenue was $461 million, down 1%.

worse, in the second quarter, YAHOO’s core search site search volume fell by 17%, YAHOO media site visitors stay time fell by 10%.

in addition to stagnant corporate performance, Meijer also face constant pressure from investors, and the company’s future strategic direction of the new round of trade-offs". The young beauty CEO seems once in office, he had to face the hitherto unknown pressure.

Meijer dare this time took over YAHOO, in addition to personal courage, a little let its produce enough confidence and confidence, while YAHOO’s core business is worth only a few dollars per share, but the value of the company’s assets in Asia is much higher, but there will be big cash envelopes can be cashed.

YAHOO investment was 14 times the return of

August 11, 2005, YAHOO and Alibaba group announced in Beijing, YAHOO to $1 billion plus YAHOO China’s total assets of Alibaba group’s equity of 39%. At that time, although YAHOO is not in its heyday, the Internet is still a well deserved giants, the market value of nearly $50 billion. Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba is only six years, Taobao established two years ago, Alipay has just over the years of age, is in the business on the rise.

seven years later, Ali group’s strength is still maintained rapid improvement, while the strength of YAHOO is accelerating decline. At this point, YAHOO’s total market capitalization of only $19 billion 400 million, while the latest valuation of $35 billion Alibaba group.


latest price has remained at $16, which comes from the Alibaba and YAHOO Japan’s equity value amounted to $14 per share, which means that YAHOO America’s equity value is only $2 per share.

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