12th Five Year planning how to implement the introduction of electricity supplier enterprises



with the continuous development of the Internet era, e-commerce will usher in a period of full speed development opportunities. According to the survey data show that in 11th Five-Year, China’s e-commerce has been sustained and rapid development, the total amount of transactions during the period is increased by nearly 2.5 times. E-commerce is moving toward the development of vividness and innovation, and the environment is constantly improving.

but in spite of this, there are still some obvious problems in the development of e-commerce. First, so far, the role of the electricity supplier for the traditional production and management model of innovation has not been highlighted, the role of value creation and economic transformation is minimal. Second, the electricity supplier’s business model is still not mature enough, the level of service capabilities and needs to be strengthened, the scope of service has not been expanded. Third, the electricity supplier’s development environment is still not perfect, fake and shoddy products on the Internet, intellectual property infringement, malicious fraud and other events continue to occur. Disputes arising from the settlement of network transactions is also more difficult, which to some extent affected the confidence of the development of the electricity supplier. Fourth, the mechanism to promote the development of electronic business has not been perfect, investment and financing aspects need to be improved.

March 27, 2012, the electronic commerce currently exist, the Ministry proposed development plan in 12th Five-Year, hope that during 12th Five-Year, the transaction amount of the electricity supplier can be over two times, exceeded 18 trillion mark, accounted for the proportion of the total amount of social consumption by 9%. Specific implementation strategies are as follows:

1, enterprise based, supplemented by the government. Effectively play the dominant position in the development of the electricity supplier, adhere to the guidance from the market. To deal with the relationship between the market and the government, to build a more favorable environment for the development of electricity providers. Policies, funds and services, such as the use of a variety of operational methods to promote the development of electricity providers.

2, combined with the actual situation, and etc. Electricity supplier should be the direction of the development of the network economy and the real economy closely together, a comprehensive development of electricity providers in various industries, various fields of application. Enhance the quality and level of service providers, and strive to create a comprehensive development of the electricity supplier environment, promote the development of regional electricity supplier to achieve common development.

3, pay attention to efficiency, dare to innovate. For electricity supplier applications, services and other integrated innovation, focusing on innovation and development of electricity providers. Find the right entry point, pay attention to the practicality and effectiveness of innovation, resist blindly hype to follow suit.

4, stable development, to ensure safety. In compliance with the norms of the premise, and strive to stable development; based on the security of the network environment, and promote the effectiveness and authenticity of the object and entity of network transactions, enhance the credibility of the enterprise.

accelerate the development pace of the electricity supplier, not only can reduce the cost of enterprises, expand the market and enhance the efficiency; also can enhance the degree of organization of resources and industries, enhance competition ability; also can enhance the amount and meet consumer demand; "

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