SF suspected sea Amoy platform exposure named Alexander


] November 7th news billion state power network, the day before, a suspected SF internal mail shots were exposed, which referred to the "new Alexander SF shopping site Project" test. Many people cross-border electricity to billion state power network confirmed that the "Alexander" SF is preparing for the imported electricity supplier project.



SF internal mail screenshot

, a person close to SF sources, the domain name "sfht" is "SF sea Amoy Pinyin initials, and named" Alexander "is one of the hub" Alexandria ancient metaphor connected European and Oriental trade".

According to

billion state power network now have the information, "Alexander" as the import business platform is still in the testing stage, SF internal technical staff, not yet open to the user test, time should be officially launched in early December.


Alexander home page has not yet registered

currently on the Alexander mode of operation (proprietary or open platform), can provide the type of goods, the importing countries and other information is not yet known. But to be sure, "Alexander" in the cross-border logistics and distribution will be responsible for their own home by sf.

previously, the media exposure of the SF plan from the United States, the airline acquired more than 10 secondhand Boeing 767 aircraft for cross-border electricity supplier, at present, the aircraft is likely to be in the "Alexander" to prepare.

in fact, SF do imports of electronic business platform has long tracked. In August this year, organized billion state power network a salon, SF international business division official said, SF will do import business, and will be out of the ordinary in the form of business will be more social, more intelligent.

"is a little heavier live SF to work, we are willing to open up our ability to allow businesses to run better." The executive said. "A little", "our ability to" claim that in SF logistics advantage.

in addition, billion state power network also found that since the beginning of October, SF international electricity supplier division began to frequently recruit employees and business electricity supplier in the recruitment website, including the category of operators, the seller specialist, product manager. According to sources, SF imported electricity supplier project by executives privately offers, and other ways to find talent headhunting started earlier, senior staff including some former Alibaba cross-border business have been SF international business solicitation.


SF international electricity supplier in the pull hook online recruitment electricity supplier website operations category

The person in charge of the

of a sea Amoy website said to billion state power network. "

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