The shopping season chop hand Monday opening sea Amoy Raiders Da Qidi

when you see this article, the American people are Cyber Monday (chop hand Monday) final warm-up. Overseas version of the upcoming eleven double grab. Of course, if your work is not so busy, the boss is considerate enough, you can also join them, the same earth, the same shopping malls, sea Amoy conquer the world. Well, the money is so capricious.

Cyber Monday is the first working day after the Thanksgiving holiday, Thanksgiving shopping promotions (black Friday) extension activities, similar to the double eleven shopping.

network marketing research found that a large proportion of the amount of online shopping is in the first day of the holiday after the day of Monday. In response to this spending habits, electricity providers have launched a series of promotional activities, in order to stimulate the climax of online shopping on Monday.

Cyber is a network of meaning in English, Greek meaning is the helmsman, netizens Cyber Monday called "chop hands Monday".

sea Amoy Raiders timing


is "black Friday" in the last week of November, but the business promotion from the early November began, but then online discounts generally do not store large efforts on black Friday, but the style does not store all. Promotional activities will continue until Christmas, even new year’s day. So to see the sea Amoy Jun time for a big move.

in the last two months of big promotion, "black Friday" and "chop hands Monday" is the two climax of shopping.

black Friday to the main store, the business will be issued a large number of coupons before Friday. Some businesses will also be presented with a coupon for online shopping on Monday. The discount, even for comminuted fracture of the commodity will attract people to the morning began lining up to grab the goods to fight the strike violently picture, people can not bear to look into.

and chop hand Monday "the main battlefield in the network. People who are too busy to spend their time shopping can finally sit down to buy, buy, buy. Strictly speaking, the activities of more than Cyber Monday that day, usually lasts four to five days. This time the discount store will be reduced, while the discount network is relatively black five will be flat or increase. The only thing that is not quite satisfactory is that some of the models may have been sold out on "black Friday".

sea Amoy Raiders buy what

as a sea Amoy Jun, you have to know several sites. discount merchandise is not limited to the U.S. milk, health care products, as well as from Japan watches, electric cooker, beauty skin beauty instrument, South Korea, Europe, Australia, milk and other goods. The United States Suning flagship store of goods 5 fold, and over 200 yuan free international freight direct mail. At the same time with many overseas buyers of global purchase, the fastest two days you can receive the goods.


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