Electricity supplier services revenue or up to 1 trillion in 2015

Business Daily News (reporter Wei Yu) has been behind the scenes electricity supplier service industry began to move towards the front desk. Held last weekend from the Ninth National Conference on network operators showing the information display, the electricity supplier service industry from this year will be full expansion, is expected to 2015, Chinese e-commerce services revenue will reach trillion yuan, leveraging $13 trillion in e-commerce transactions.

it is understood that the electricity supplier service providers are forming a huge volume of the new group, including the "net" for businesses to provide shop decoration, management software, product photography, also provides marketing, customer orders, the daily operation of the shop, logistics system and data analysis of foreign trade and other outsourcing services. Alibaba group senior researcher Liang Chunxiao said: "in the ecological evolution of the e-commerce service industry cycle, this year the e-commerce service industry is in from" the key node to the expansion phase "transition tectonic period, in 2012 the electricity supplier service provider group innovation and market potential will be fully expanded."

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research center had released "2011 Chinese e-commerce service industry report" shows that 90% of the retail network through China e-commerce platform, 2011 China e-commerce services revenue reached 120 billion yuan, 3 yuan to support trillion e-commerce transactions.

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in the electronic commerce service industry express as an example, the reporter learned that, last year, Tmall (micro-blog) double eleven promotion on the same day, Tmall business issued more than 20 million parcels, courier companies about 40 thousand couriers, more than 700 express car, set up more than 300 Easy Access in sorting center. Set up customer service team of over 2000 people.

in this regard, Liang Chunxiao believes that ecological open major business platform in 2011, the new service system and infrastructure forming, provide the conditions and the growth of business service providers inoculation, 2012 began to enter the expansion period. He further said that this year, the electricity supplier will face rapid innovation and transformation, including product platform, fine service. In the trend will be the phenomenon of industrial integration, clustering, clustering, e-commerce supporting services, e-commerce park will appear one after another, more electricity providers service providers to enhance the efficiency of cloud services.

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