Why is O2O’s valuation so high

we have not thought about this issue, why the valuation of the O2O project so high?

The beaver family Manicure carved Lord

Meng wake founded, 3000 Manicure division valuation of $300 million, a $100 thousand Manicure division; Chen Hua sing 80 million users of the valuation of $200 million, $2.5 A user. The difference is 40 thousand times!

No wonder the big brother

and investor O2O regarded as the focus of investment in 2015, this gap is almost no justice ah


in fact, behind this, is the wave of O2O surge struck, the traditional way to subvert the valuation of venture capital.

2014 years ago, the most important thing to look at an internet project is the number of users, followed by daily living, monthly living, the founder of the background, ROI, revenue, etc.. In that era, the Internet is still a basic business of pure software, a web site or a app is a project of all, rarely involved in the line. Therefore, we can only as a reference is the number of users, a user of 1 U.S. dollars to tens of dollars.

2014, O2O 2014 is the first year, this year the emergence of a large number of O2O projects, such as the beaver family, God carved Manicure investment Tencent e bag wash, less than 1 years of $800 million valuation interest installments, don’t even say that after the merger of 7, $8 billion valuation drops fast and 1 years between the valuation of jump up several times the hungry. These O2O projects have one thing in common, are involved in a large number of lines, are under the line of service as the key to its business model closed loop.

in the O2O era, the valuation of the project has changed from a simple look at the number of users into the number of users, the line of resources, revenue multiple assessment. Do you want to see how much you have to do Manicure Manicure division, do you want to see how many of your students staging campus agency, you want to see you and how many lines to the restaurant do takeaway cooperation. Users also look, but not to see how many people download app, too much water, money can brush, depending on how many users are willing to spend money, in fact, is to look at revenue.

before 2014, O2O project and software project is nothing, when investors are concerned if this project relates to the line, the growth rate will slow, because it’s too heavy! However by 2014, O2O to air, in a large influx of funds under the condition of O2O project rapid growth even far over the pure software project. For example, beaver, 2014, on the water has reached 1 million, such as interest installments, less than 1 years, monthly revenue has reached 300 million, while the hungry and the group have also claimed on takeout orders of more than 1 million. This is the traditional pure software projects do not want to think.

and in contrast to pure software projects, it is exposed to the high cost of passengers, the threshold is low, difficult to profit. Such as sing, sitting on 80 million users, but in order to build profitability only to the line KTV to go O2O>

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