Amazon CEO Bezos the best user experience does not require customer service


technology news (Yu Lin) July 13th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, although some companies believe that customer service or computer automatic service is essential for the company’s Department, but Amazon CEO Geoff – Bezos (Jeff Bezos) has said that customer service is not on the entire business is the most important.


CEO Geoff – Bezos Amazon (Tencent technology plan)

Amazon founder said last year, when you feel you need customer service, it is already too late. In fact, the best customer service is that consumers do not have to call you, he does not need to communicate with you to complete the entire transaction process."

so, when Amazon made a mistake, customers receive the goods have been damaged, and Amazon is not only sent another commodity, and then let the existence of the problem, but trying to find the root process error. Because of this attitude, over the past 17 years, Amazon’s shopping process has been well improved, the emergence of a very small proportion of the shopping list, so that the vast majority of consumers are satisfied.

the above approach reflects the concept of Bezos operating Amazon, pragmatism, thrift, data-driven and rigorous analysis. It can be said that the success of WAL-MART, an early Amazon staff said that the company managers in the company had a Book Club read WAL-MART founder Sam – Walton (Sam Walton). However, to bring greater inspiration to Bezos’s company is Japan’s TOYOTA car.

he will be the car manufacturer’s process management with Facebook, Google and apple that science and technology together. Although some Silicon Valley firms often petty Huilai is trying to attract users, but is located in Seattle’s Amazon is indeed a very real company.

shell (Shel Kaphan) – Card said, "the company advocating cruel darwinism". He was the first employee after Amazon was founded and left the company in 1999. "No one on top of you really reminds you of what to do. Companies often do not do something to support the work of the staff, but requires employees to dedicated to his job, or you may have been eliminated."

however, Amazon’s biggest weakness is on Bezos’s overly dependent, he is very concerned about the details, micromanaging, acting style is very similar with Jobs.

Bezos through a series of dazzling measures to win the support of Wall Street, such as the establishment of the Amazon website with the traditional retailers competition, launched Kindle electronic reading device divide paper book market share, and entered the current hot field of cloud computing services. At a meeting in 2010, Amazon’s chief technology officer Werner – (Werner Vo>)

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