Major changes in the business strategy of Alibaba

domestic B2B giant Alibaba finally on 26 January to Alibaba Chinese station for revision! On the surface, the revision is only on the layout has been modified. But careful observation, this change for Alibaba, is a major change in business philosophy!

Alibaba was founded, Ma proposed that "the world is not difficult to do business!" business ideas, so companies have settled, to sell the product! This philosophy at the time the Internet is not developed, to attract enterprises registered, played a good effect in a few years! Down, the Alibaba has attracted millions of businesses, they will be Alibaba as the best network marketing tool. These companies, many companies set up a special job maintenance, management platform for Alibaba, and from which to obtain business opportunities!

, however, with the development of the Internet, search engines have become the gateway to the internet. In many areas of B2B, the first channel to obtain information of the buyers is the search engine, so Baidu became a Alibaba Chinese station the most powerful competitors, and Alibaba from the perspective of the seller "let the world is not difficult to do business!" business philosophy has been a severe challenge. In Alibaba, there are all kinds of sellers, but as a purchaser of buyers, but not the Alibaba as the Internet "entrance", the member enterprises have no business in the Alibaba, the Alibaba’s outlook is difficult to predict.

In contrast to

, the Alibaba website Taobao brothers start positioning from the perspective of consumers as "Amoy Amoy Amoy ah, I love" and "genuine goods at a fair price, high quality and inexpensive" and "seckill", the has become Internet users online shopping choice, therefore, is not required to is the search engine. Online shopping portal, users can directly enter "" in the address bar, has achieved real success!

turned back to talk about the Alibaba’s revision, the revision, Alibaba clearly stated, we are designed to start from the buyer’s point of view, to create a fast, professional, simple procurement wholesale platform." It seems that Alibaba has finally recognized the problem of the original business ideas


of course, the new version of the Title Alibaba Chinese station or Alibaba is the world’s leading B2B e-commerce online trading platform ", I personally think that the Alibaba Chinese station should take advantage of this revision, bold break Title, changed to" Alibaba is online wholesale sourcing platform "the world’s leading


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