Bank of brewing experts predict that Alipay super online banking to the nternet sooner or later

April 4th media reports, the second generation of the central bank payment system or will be on line in August this year, the first batch of more than and 10 pilot commercial banks are nervous access system development. The news that the pilot units are not included in the third party payment organization, and this news was widely interpreted as third party payment ordeal, but caused many safety habits of the third party payment online shopping lovers worry.

central bank super online banking on August on-line

can provide real-time interbank fund transfer

yesterday, media reports said, the central bank’s efforts to build the second generation payment system in the "first" – Internet banking Internet application system or will be in August this year, on-line operation, and clears up the domestic banking financial institutions banking disorderly competition. Due to the lack of third party platform including Alipay, obtain the relevant licenses may be suspend access to Internet banking Internet system. Currently, the first batch of more than and 10 pilot major commercial banks are nervous access system development.

yesterday revealed that can be described as "Internet banking Internet application system second generation payment system, super online banking can provide real-time interbank fund transfer, interbank account and check accounts for individuals and units, as well as the current payment system can not be realized by cross payment, third party payment, third party authorization etc. business function for commercial banks in e-commerce, interbank funds management and other aspects to provide customers with innovative services to lay a strong foundation.

third party payment or temporarily can not access

into super online banking is the trend of

had the suspect banks and "Alipay" and three party payment platform will be as the main access to Central Bank Internet banking Internet system, the third party platform for business volume increasing, bank payment business is bound to make a great impact.

, according to bankers, however, the central bank to the bank’s feedback is that perhaps third party payment platform to suspend access to Internet banking system. The main reason is that the third party platform has not yet obtained the relevant license, not a clearing organization."

reporter in an interview yesterday, some industry insiders said that the central bank to upgrade the "super online banking", the third party payment also played a great role in promoting, "it is the rapid development of the third party payment, making the central bank’s determination to be included in the category of" unified management ", in a sense, can be said to be the two generation system third party payment upgrades, rather than the shield outside."

in the case of Alipay, long before Alipay will have to report to the central bank regular operations, business and other aspects of the situation, the central bank to accept the relevant guidance. While the central bank last year issued registration thoroughly after the announcement, Alipay, caifutong and three party organizations also actively cooperate. This is seen as a clear step in the third party payment organization will be included in the central bank regulatory system.

central bank shot cautious

first pilot only more than and 10 banks

"a lot of people didn’t notice the first trial

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