The effect analysis of micro blog marketing

recently to tens of year old house next to a few years old kids are playing micro-blog, about 140 words of micro-blog to become part of the record and share the life, because of micro-blog’s cheap and strong communication, then there are the so-called marketing to your out of micro-blog, a so-called "micro-blog to the forum, good news, blogs, video aggregation to the topic of the platform to allow more people to" crowd ", reached the two level marketing and brand marketing effect." The micro-blog marketing theory turned out.

Although the micro-blog

China came a bit later, but since the beginning of this year, "watch" strength was surprising, not a thing to see the dog some major news events can achieve good communication effect through micro-blog, the dissemination of information will naturally bring marketing opportunities, businesses will certainly see then, a large number of traditional enterprises have to micro-blog as the new position and the main position of Internet marketing, some of the traditional enterprise or company or famous managers have in the name of micro-blog and V propaganda. While the four major domestic portal battle micro-blog: Sina recharge, micro-blog to MSN and announced a strategic development platform, the Sohu for the micro-blog business reserves of 600 million yuan in cash, the Tencent of the QQ panel on the best position to micro-blog, the NetEase also quietly through the "first mailbox" layout.

even if the strength of micro-blog has attracted many traditional companies favor, but the people who play micro-blog know that the era of fragmentation of reading Internet users, the biggest feature is the instant poly casual. Many companies opened the official micro-blog, is limited to information release stage, the sustained attention of the fans, lowqualityhomework become a stumbling block to the enormous economic benefits of micro-blog marketing mode to see.

micro-blog as a virtual social platform, but also the existence and maintenance of many types of relationships, they are intertwined, interdependent, mutual influence. Further analysis of the impact of marketing, the number of micro-blog user base, the size of the impact of marketing activities. Micro-blog marketing success is enough "relationship" to interact, and attractive topic and opinion leaders participation is a prerequisite to stimulate users to drive communication, on the basis of this, to find where the aggregation of users, users go to, in order to achieve wide dissemination of corporate brand.

The little

how to do in order to achieve good marketing results? The current mainstream view is that enterprise information through the official account released by micro-blog brand, activities, events, topics to stimulate users and fans of the emotional nerve, let users really can from the inside and outside to participate in marketing activities, and let the user participation in the process, to interact with friends by forwarding, comments, communication etc.. On the one hand, the choice of the spokesman and brand itself has influence and appeal, more important is through the official micro-blog account, with the help of events, activities, effective drive and stimulate the dissemination of information and interactive communication between users of micro-blog, and subtle in the process of transmission of the brand and products have positive cognitive preference. But with the increase in such micro-blog marketing, the effect will be more and more obvious, and even counterproductive, is the real active users will

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