Jingdong QQ online shopping service market will merge with the prototype of the early alliance


] April 8th news billion state power network, the day before, the Jingdong announced the QQ online shopping businesses moving to Jingdong POP platform. The latest learned billion state power network, QQ online shopping service provider market will also open service platform to complete the docking with the Jingdong, and in the removal of the service providers to Jingdong, the completion of the final fusion.

it is understood that the two electricity supplier platform service provider market has begun to converge. Migration policy with similar businesses open platform, Jingdong also around QQ online shopping service provider careers, encourage some service providers settled.

informed sources said, QQ online shopping service open platform management unsettled, some employees have been leaving. At the same time, QQ online shopping sellers service platform has been unable to open.


QQ online shopping sellers service platform jump link can not open

although the specific policy has not been explicitly announced, there are indications that QQ online shopping and Jingdong service market consolidation has become a trend. Earlier, there was news that the outside world, QQ online shopping in the gradual integration with Jingdong POP, will close operations. In this regard, QQ online shopping to deny this, saying that encourage businesses to develop multi platform.

but obviously, the service provider to chase customer trends is an indisputable fact. Once the business to complete the migration of Jingdong POP platform, but also that the order and the water will bid farewell to QQ online shopping, service providers continue to stay in the presence of QQ online shopping seems to exist only in theory possible.

According to the

Jingdong to give visible support policies, migration to the Jingdong POP businesses will be in service fees deduction, warehouse distribution, advertising and many other resources to get support. This compared to almost dying QQ online shopping, there are too many attractive for businesses.

previously, a well-known brands of luggage responsible person told billion state power network, the monthly sales in the QQ online shopping only hundreds of pieces, which is already in the QQ online shopping sales ranking quite in front of businesses.

contrast, plan the IPO Jingdong Jingdong, can bring more opportunities in the open platform. "Fusion from the Tencent flow guide, advertising products will be completed at the end of April. There are exciting WeChat entrance, micro shop, hand Q waiting for us to try together." Jingdong POP senior vice president, responsible Kui Ying Chun revealed to the message.

in the Jingdong, although QQ online shopping can not backed by Tencent blockbuster, but in the deep accumulation of the past few years, has tremendous commercial value, especially the service ecosystem around the open platform business start.

According to the

QQ online shopping service open platform for previously introduced, the service provider always take "patient oriented" principle, aimed at high-quality service providers, emphasize the introduction of online transactions and accurate flow. 2014, QQ online shopping platform will also be adopted in the standard price strategy, the use of price fixing and other means in the excessive competition

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