How to develop B2B e commerce based on Township


in recent years, the development of electronic commerce Chinese very fast, online shopping, group purchase website, web sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain overnight out, while the B2B website is developing rapidly, comprehensive, industry vertical, the number increasing, but most of the sites are focus on the city this one, many sites in each big city have set up a branch, then launched a fierce competition between these companies, we are making every trick to pull customers to their own website, but in this intense scene, another part of the people to see a new market, it is the township of B2B electronic commerce.

After a thorough investigation of

B2B at China cornucopia, the gap between urban and rural areas is still very large, although in the city, enterprises basically already know how to carry out network marketing, and even a considerable part of enterprises rely on network marketing profit, but in the rural areas is still in its infancy stage. Of course, now basically rural or access to the Internet, but most companies do not understand the electronic commerce, do not understand the network marketing, even if some people understand e-commerce, is based on a website on then? Then you do not know what to do, only when a window hanging in there.

although the market has just started, but it is very large. So many people have realized that this is a great opportunity, then some people have established the B2B electronic commerce website based on their own Township, but after the website set up how to develop, but it is a problem, after all, too many profitable e-commerce mode, there is no fixed, so only slowly. Since there is no fixed pattern, then we can step by step to study, in the end how to develop


first, e-commerce profit model is the most primitive membership, since that is the case, then we can first recruit agents in the region, because the company can not be sent to do business everywhere, even to go, not local, do not understand the situation, so the agent is the best way, have the agent can be pulled for membership fees to lay a good foundation.


second, township enterprises do stay in a site of consciousness, then in the early can meet the requirements of them, the enterprise template was very beautiful, complete with a corporate Web site requirements. And to do a good job of enterprise user center, this is not done to do a powerful function, but should do a good job of the user experience. Because, after all, their computer knowledge is limited, can not engage in too complex functions, with these, companies can put their site dressed in accordance with their requirements, which is the first step in a profitable.

third, after a period of time, the construction site for the enterprise, when there is a certain amount of membership, and then register for a period of time on the site, their knowledge of the Internet should also increase, of course, in this period, our website should not do some intervals of e-commerce and network marketing "to the enterprise

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