How far the expert location blog mode Taobao station can

in the current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao guest team is huge, and are constantly growing! Mode promotion means Taobao station are diverse, but the mainstream is website promotion mode. Count the current Taobao guest website promotion type: portal mode, single page mode, blog mode, rebate mode etc.. Remember the single page mode over the previous two years swept the entire Taobao guest Wangzhuan but as time! Precipitation, improved resolution, users of pure single page mode has been slowly dying. Along with the Taobao alliance update rebate mode Taobao station has been dying! Then the other Taobao customers will face the challenge of how to model! Today we are going to discuss the mode of Taobao blog, how far can we go to


blog mode, especially as first blog mode expert for domestic first Taobao passenger combat team – Dragon team! This mode not only create a large number of thousand grassroots Taobao guest, but it also is prosperous vitality! But blog mode Taobao station can enduring can bring lasting growth? Income? The answer is no.. Where is the reason?

first, from a large number of pirated blog and imitation station

domestic Wangzhuan world has a trend of the common problem: jealous and follow. A lot of technology, holding a chain of resources, station of people, good at the "leverage" (oh, please allow me to call it). As long as they find or analyze a potential high income, so they stand, and SEO speed is really fast to outrageous proportions, 2 months after the top of your head tightly pressed on the


second, blog is the consequences of piracy


is connected to a point that pirate station once on the front page, bound by consumers to search, ask consumers at the same time to see two or more blog as like as two peas (well, here to explain, now really have that blog piracy as like as two peas webmaster, a blogger, photos, address do not change, but the number), many will feel? Do you think consumers are fools? Will continue to bring you income


third, the spread of expert bloggers (derived from second points)

blog mode Taobao station about marketing authority. Not to say that because professional so trust? Then ask Baidu home several expert bloggers (some even, then you let the consumer as like as two peas) the trust which one


fourth, defeating death

if you have a Taobao station really has developed to more than a few steps, then congratulations you have been far away from death! Why? 1, because Baidu still advertised the people-oriented! As long as there is a consumer complaints, the results you know (do not understand, please refer to the Baidu know now). 2, pray for your blog positioning photos do not be the parties to the complaint, the reason: violation of portrait rights! 3, what is more, do some medical >

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