YSHON called the power outage business line brand how to do online Kung Fu

recently, the industry sources said YISHION has stopped all of its electricity supplier business. Including its flagship store in the United States online and Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform has been closed. Many people in the industry said that this is called the power outage YISHION business as the fundamental reason is that the conflict between its online business and offline, resulting in a lot of dissatisfaction with the franchisee, and finally had to stop.

YISHION halt its electricity supplier business, both exposed to the line to do the short line of the brand online business, but also reflects the widespread concern about the brand under the line.

YISHION is a franchise to operate as the main mode of traditional clothing brand, the reason why the frustration of its electricity supplier process. It is because YISHION when considering to get involved in the electricity business and no serious consideration, which leads to a scene of chaos line situation today. According to YISHION internal staff said that YISHION is currently making adjustments to its electricity supplier business, but the specific how to be observed.

obviously, this is called the YISHION power supplier business is not to give up the electricity supplier but to make some strategic adjustments, and hope to get through the barriers between online and offline.

so, in this situation what YISHION decides to do? We might take a guess about the song, smart people think that YISHION in the future back to the electricity supplier of the selected operating mode is nothing more than two: one is B2b2C, this B refers to YISHION, while B is worth the franchisee C is the consumer. Another form is between online and offline to make some difference, or even to make a new brand specifically for online sales, in order to safeguard the interests of franchisees.


B2b2C mode

we first talk about the first B2b2C model, the key point of this model is to allow the line to enjoy the results of online sales. In other words, according to the order generated on the network to be assigned to the dealers around the line to be responsible for delivery. And the corresponding sales performance into the name of the dealer, and the company is only a little commission can be extracted. As a result, the line has become a marketing portal under the line, but also solve the problem of warehousing and logistics. Because it is the local delivery, so its logistics speed greatly improved, so as to enhance the online shopping experience.

is the most important is to effectively solve the conflict between online and offline, and improve the enthusiasm of dealers. This unique business model, in fact, has been successful cases. In these cases, including JEANSWEST, XTEP and other traditional brands, including.

online and offline to make differentiation

right now, we’re talking about second different ways to make a difference online and offline. Prior to YISHION to close the online business is the most important contradiction is the price of online products is much lower than the line of products, so that the competition between online and offline so as to affect the

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