A new pattern of maternal electricity supplier under Chapter capital running

price war, marketing war, public relations war over the past two years, the young mother and child electricity supplier industry, like other popular industries, opened the chaos war mode, time into 2016, the situation is more intense. But from simple to complicated, although the form in the core, but there is only one — the mother occupied mobile phone screen. If 2016 is the year of the maternal and child electricity supplier reshuffle, then I believe that all the parents are thinking about a few questions: how to seize the hearts of mothers, how to walk, or even go back to the right way.

choose different situations different

into the mother and child electricity supplier, is to choose the standard or non-standard products, most of the platform is the choice of the standard items, the reason is the best impact GMV.

but at the beginning of the simple mode of choice of players, in the "off" is facing a more difficult problem. The standard of customer loyalty is very low, the choice of consumers from the price level, rather than the platform itself, rely on the standard price war has always been difficult to form a circle of user stickiness. While the formula users use cycle in about 3 years, cost the customer will loss after a short life cycle.

typical cases such as honey bud, in March last year to subsidize the price of 100 million yuan to launch the price war, at the time to attract a large number of users, while shooting the popularity of honey shoots. However, the recent QuestMobile report data show that in May this year, honey bud MAU (monthly active users) is only 2 million 312 thousand and 700, is the first of the 20% babe network, both the gap.

industry analysts believe that the vertical growth in B2C giant in the crevice if you want to break out, non-standard goods card is a very important way.

According to the typical

path along the way is the babe network, on-line at the beginning of the strategy is from the non-standard product into the most difficult to do. According to the latest data of babe network, the platform of non-standard products accounted remain above 75%, this figure has considerable advantages in maternal electricity supplier circle. So although honey bud began to shift to non standard products, but because of the early babe network has accumulated a considerable advantage, now back to chase seems to have been extremely difficult proposition.

a multiple-choice questions, in just two years, so that the electricity supplier to the mother and daughter to a different path of development, and set the pattern of the industry as a whole.

cross-border mother to child brought the crossroads

only a short while ago, cross-border electricity policies continuously in high and vigorous spirits, make cross-border electricity at a draught. Mother in the business industry, before Jimmy Tesco, honey bud start positioning itself as the "cross-border electricity supplier maternal", after babe network, beautiful mother store expand cross-border business in domestic trade on the basis of jumei.com, vip.com has also involved in cross-border child. After the new deal landing, how to make their own business does not rely on the survival of the dividend, how to adapt to the new year in the course of the implementation of the new deal, the electricity supplier needs to think about these issues.

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