The seven business investment 7 billion promotional price war burn loss to earn share

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industry has been dubbed "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war", Jingdong, Tmall mall,, Amazon, easy fast,, Gome online mall and other electricity providers all added seven. Not only is the electricity supplier nearly 7 billion of investment in the past, so that the price war intensified, more people in the industry, such as evaluation: June price war, it is possible to change the current pattern of electricity supplier.

is expected to invest 7 billion promotional

entered in June, the electricity supplier price war intensified.


mall pre emptive, borrow June 18th anniversary name which spread throughout the June "Normandy Hui war". Information Times reporter from the mall Jingdong was informed that during the June 1st ~7 month 1 days, the cumulative profit of 0 Jingdong, that amounts to 1 billion yuan, plus 500 million yuan in May profits plan within two months, the Jingdong has invested 1 billion 500 million yuan for the promotion.

According to Jingdong

mall high-profile anniversary,, Dangdang, Gome online mall, Amazon, Yi Xun actively fight. executive vice president Li Bin by micro-blog revealed in the promotional strategy: "in June, the whole network parity month officially started, consumers are welcome to East West Amoy, the whole network parity! In battle, the Hunger Games begin!"

it is understood that in June, the whole network parity month has officially started in June 1st, 3 times a day, the 70 percent off day rush; parity more full month, fill back balance. This means that, as long as the same product than the low price of, will implement compensation, it seems in the industry, hopes to the whole network lowest price to sniper Jingdong mall.

last Monday, Tmall Electric City announced on the basis of previously invested 200 million yuan to subsidize businesses, once again an additional $100 million to subsidize consumers. Dangdang, Yi Xun and other online stores, including a rough estimate of the industry, in June the number of electricity supplier companies will be as high as 7 billion.


, Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send said, although it is very difficult to assess whether the electricity supplier has their own inputs such as the capital, return the profits to the consumer, but it is certain that the electricity supplier promotional efforts this year is greater than in previous years.

burn loss to earn


business giants frequent price war for netizens already It is quite common for, what exactly is the reason for the electricity supplier price war so tragic


Internet analyst Li Chengdong said in an interview with reporters, the electricity supplier price war formation reason is very simple, what is what the consumer attention, enterprise marketing strategy, according to the current point of view, the main online shopping crowd income is not high, the price sensitive, businesses naturally is the price war.

in fact, this means that the current situation of the domestic online shopping, the price for the transaction volume pulling effect is obvious, the price war has been regarded as the main way of fast enclosure." There are people engaged in the electricity supplier industry pointed out that at present, the electricity supplier business investment

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