The mathematical solution of e commerce Community e commerce is not reliable

The first stage: the electronic commerce


The rapid development of

e-commerce in Chinese, who fought to enter the market. In fact, e-commerce in all Internet services, is one of the most able to say a clear business model, at least not yet know what the profit model of social networking services to be too clear. If you want to translate e-commerce into a math problem, his formula may be like this:

revenue = website visitors x order conversion rate X are single value

simply said that the site to the number of how many people, including how many people under the single, the average number of each single. Further down the subdivision, the number of visitors may also be equal to the number of old and new visitors visitors, the number of visitors is equal to the number of new part of foreign advertising exposure by advertising rates; and the old visitors may be equal to the existing membership number multiplied by the rate of return and old members.

A common problem of

e-commerce operators is how to enhance the number of visitors to the website at the same time the order conversion rate, and this problem involves advertising accuracy and efficiency, the site itself easy to use and design aesthetic, brand, commodity (price) is not competitive, provide enough promotion etc..

in addition, the first time customers will remember to buy back for a long time, this matter is very important, because it represents the average cost of access to visitors to reduce. The high rate of return, with the overall shopping experience includes distribution speed, customer service and other related. Although the formula is very clear, but it is not easy to do. Electronic commerce is one that is really a little too much.

this is an algebra problem in the mathematical problem of e-commerce. E-commerce is difficult to do, is that every parameter of this algebra problem must be managed, revenue will increase. While algebra is a mathematical problem that every e-commerce site has to solve, however, in the first leading group of e-commerce companies, in fact, should start to care about another math problem: geometry.


electronic commerce second stages: geometry

I have said that the Internet has four pillars, that is, the C, they are: Commerce (Communication), content (Content), Community (community), business (business). In fact, after more than 10 years of development of the Internet, every C has been standing on the hill.

don’t talk about communication. The other three C, do content, such as portals, do community, such as social networking, do business, for example, a large number of e-commerce sites. In fact, we see the trend is that these three C constantly in the integration of each other. The author calls it 3C integration, which can be drawn as follows: (:


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