The sea fox sea Amoy Overseas Direct Mail website focus on the contrarian cross border deal

Since the

"sea Fox" sea Amoy since officially launched, repeatedly refresh the trading volume in August this year, GMV (total commodity trading) is a breakthrough growth.

In an interview with

CEO in the Wu Wentao sea Amoy sea fox reporter learned that the release of the regulatory mechanism is relatively frequent in domestic cross-border electricity supplier under the new deal, the official website for the operation mode of the overseas direct mail has not received the sea fox, "48 New Deal", but in the last half year rose contrarian won GMW, compared with the other operation model, especially the free trade zone stockpile mode advantage, is pulled further big.

48 deal triggered cross-border electricity supplier market changes

2015 is the year of the outbreak of the sea Amoy market growth, diversification, differences in the development and growth trend is obvious. However, a positive cross-border electricity supplier market ushered in the first half of this year, the new policy to the wind. In April 8, 2016, the State Administration of Taxation issued the cross-border e-commerce retail and import the new tax policy and the corresponding two batch of cross-border retail electricity supplier import "positive list" (Bai Mingdan), to strengthen the field of cross-border electricity supplier tax regulation, the industry referred to as "48 new deal".


In the days just before the

by the cheetah global think tank released "APP TOP 40 Chinese shopping list data, the development of cross-border electricity supplier platform suffered this year after the new deal, are also analyzed. According to the analysis, previously, personal, a reasonable number of cross-border e-commerce retail sales of imported goods levied in actual operation in accordance with the postal items parcel tax, the new deal will be changed to the goods according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax, the tax burden has increased sharply, the corresponding regulatory tightening. Affected by the new deal, according to the data of the aurora cloud service platform, cross-border electricity supplier App user size continued to decline in the next 5 months, cross-border electricity supplier App penetration compared to March this year, a decrease of 0.71%.

bonded area affected by the largest overseas direct mail stockpile website profit

countries on the introduction of cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal, the impact of a large number of different types of sea Amoy business model difference.

Interview with

CEO Wu Wentao before the sea fox scouring the sea when the tax reform has made it clear that the new deal mainly is free trade zone stockpile mode. Free trade zone model is the last two years stockpile the fastest development, development is relatively fast, because it is relatively easy to control experience, volume is very simple model, and then put into a lot of goods sold there. This model has had some impact on the domestic general trade, the new deal in April is a regulation of the state. But for the sea fox models are not affected, this is mainly the operation mode based on the official website of the direct mail overseas."

free trade zone other performance still affected by the new stockpile in the model because it is a common commodity more explosive and domestic cross-border electricity supplier platform products, so also on domestic consumer prices.

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