B2B electricity supplier dispute Ali or Jingdong

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in the country, to B platform is like a warm man, usually not concerned, but always do a great contribution to silence. Data statistics, the domestic market share in the C and B end of the distribution ratio of only 20:1, to B manufacturers significantly less. But what about the actual economic help?

to the electricity supplier, for example, iResearch statistics show that in 2014 China e-commerce market size of 12 trillion and 300 billion yuan, of which, B2B e-commerce accounted for 73.4% of total C, the transaction is only 20%, thus, B2B is the absolute main force of the electricity supplier, although it did not receive much attention in daily life.

look at B2B business, Alibaba is undoubtedly the field of hegemony, global resources, HC, Chinese manufacturing are relatively powerful competitors, but from the point of market competition, the Alibaba of nearly four years of continuous shrinking market size, from the previous half of the country, until now 1/3.

electricity supplier another giant Jingdong has also recently launched the B2B business, in July 28th, Jingdong released the three major enterprise class procurement of products, and advocated the establishment of the enterprise procurement information industry alliance. With the to C side, Jingdong in the to B side and walked with ALI different way, then who’s going to go better?

The dispute between

information model and transaction mode

in fact, Ali and Jingdong model is still determined by its own, Ali has always been a platform for the operation mode, so its B2B business is also a platform for the operation. In order to provide information flow, through the platform to connect products and services to achieve information exchange and sharing. But in fact, the platform does not involve financial transactions, logistics, after-sales and other aspects of the platform is not associated with too much, but there are uneven quality of the situation.

Jingdong belongs to a new generation of B2B electronic business platform, belonging to the transaction service model, and Jingdong dare to get involved in this regard, but also with its own development background. Jingdong has formed its own model for many years, its biggest advantage is to provide customers with a complete transaction chain from product consulting to after-sales service. In the enterprise procurement, the majority of enterprises are still in the traditional manual manner, acceptance, settlement, invoice verification. If you can help companies solve these pain points, the value of the platform can be reflected. Jingdong approach is to help enterprises to form a closed loop procurement, shopping malls do business within the enterprise network, the major electricity supplier platform can be stationed, the procurement of products can be ordered at any time, unified logistics and distribution, unified invoicing. Purchase orders, thus can realize the closed-loop product selection, approval, payment, logistics, customer service service.

transaction closed loop formation, large enterprises will reduce the number of trivial links, and more dependent on the platform, the transaction service model will have greater prospects.

part of the electricity supplier and electricity market

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