Electricity supplier extensive promotion or no longer fine operation into the future trend

back in 2012 the electricity supplier, let people remember there are 618, 815, 11 and 12 double double and a series full of gunpowder promotion war, the Jingdong to Taobao, suning.com light, spoiler, Gome Kuba has had to, let the consumer remember again and type the promotion war. But unfortunately, every time the promotion not only let businesses feel exhausted, but also make many consumers seem to no benefit, called promotion, vomiting blood sale, the result is a lot of consumers even more expensive than usual to buy silver, so it is the development and Reform Commission to intervene so that the electricity supplier promotional war Mongolia a layer of deception shadow, at least let many consumers recognize the big promotion, there is no free lunch, fleece, and ultimately to pay their own


consumer awareness without extensive promotion to springhead

many experts believe that the electricity supplier industry is keen to promote more extensive, play some stunt, attract new users, more new consumers, the lifeline of electricity supplier industry eventually mastered in the hands of consumers, many business platform has played head broken and bleeding, the ultimate aim is to get more traffic, the data show that the new user marketing the cost of electricity and the distribution cost is worth completely offline operation cost, and through the promotion war to quickly gather popularity is clearly a relatively economical method.

but unfortunately many promotional activities have no way to carry upstream business profits, how to do? Many businesses began a substantial increase in the price before the promotion, to the promotion of cuts, began playing the trick of false promotion more than a decade ago, consumers after suffering again and again hurt, will their shopping experience through the Internet and quickly spread to every corner, so in 2012, consumers began to recognize the original electricity supplier promotional play is the cry up wine and sell vinegar.

the loss of consumer confidence, has let the business platform of promotional sales amount became chicken ribs, a breakthrough record here is a lot of water, if the water squeezed out, estimation is less than half of the original data, for the electricity supplier industry data fraud, even Jingdong Liu Qiang that is the East and is also behoove, Liu Qiangdong exposes the chaos.

vertical segments to seek profit, money is king

in 2012, many electronic business platform sales continue, but really can only say the electricity supplier Jingdong and Taobao and a few giants platform to make money, those in the small crocodile, alligator and fish are basically a small shrimp Starving people fill the land. especially in 2011, the most popular group purchase, end a let people look stunning flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, there would be no vitality. We also have to make their business scale has been cut, and even own distribution channels began to pick up the express business, try to make their business platform profitable.

while when

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