How to look at a station with no future

we often encounter two types of stations, always can not have an accurate choice.

a station is rich, that is, one can see through his profit model, the more the greater the profits.

is not a very good profit model, but it can be seen at a glance, it has a strong audience.

for example, we have an example:

a person, want to do a creative trading platform, at present, the network is the lack of such a trading platform, because a platform which can maximize the protection of the interests of the creative people to buy, if a platform can guarantee a point, that is to invest 10 thousand yuan, can let a person day income 300 yuan, as long as there is the credibility of the platform, the whole Chinese may have hundreds of millions of people to invest in this project, because the revenue figures have exceeded their current income level, so the market is huge, we through such an analysis, can be analyzed, this project is promising, because it the profit pattern is clear, advertising fees charged by volume, as long as the transaction have income, so more and more money.

a person, he wants to do a free creative station, and is free to bring students, this appearance will be more and more people to this station.

on the surface, it will soon be on the up flow, and will influence more and more, from another perspective, this station is not profitable, is suitable for Bethune to open the station, because of the need of the spirit of selfless dedication.

so when the two stations are placed in front of us, which one should we choose?

answer is to choose the flow of the future, that is, the audience.

I’ve been thinking one thing, if I have been free with students, we may now stand a day hundreds of thousands of flow, and every day you love to see us on the post, because there are so many intermediary transaction fails, the platform has repeatedly damaged, until today a platform for everyone not to go, we are not afraid of creative people, but the platform, like walking platform money back.

we see a project, there is no market, not to see this project there is no good profit model, but this project has not a good audience, that we do not go to the same station, and the choice of our station, like this project is suitable for us to invest, suitable for us to operate.

profit model is secondary, when we have a flow of time, the profit pattern naturally found, we started to think very good profit model, is often applied or not, we can see the portal VC investment plan book was mentioned in the profit model, the base now has no shadow that is because the network is changing every day, yesterday’s plan today may not work, so we do network, are only concerned about the flow, do not care about.

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