What will you do with your circle of friends in 2015

in 2014 after a series of purchasing, micro shop and other information under the bombing, we have long been aesthetic fatigue, in 2015 you will also be embarrassed to delete and retain these so-called friends do?

if the brush out of the circle of friends in the sun or return, the buyers figure advertisement, feel shy, directly pull the black. Have to say, last year a lot of small sellers, the development of online and offline, there are some stay-at-home mom really got the first pot of gold, but there are also many sellers directly disappeared, if this year is not to make a change would die on the beach. So what do you do in 2015,


do interactive, transposed advertising content

to do can spread up fun, do fans want to see the contents, such as the cosmetics can do some makeup tutorials, care and maintenance of the tutorial, do delicacy, talk about how to eat, how to choose, can also send some to eat with the relevant information, focus is plus the perfect picture, so the expansion of knowledge, also let fans feel tall, even if it is not a short time, have probably used while forwarding, forwarding, spread by the fans to sell their goods, namely to draw high quality fans, can also occasionally do some interaction the active atmosphere, as the original content you will be more fans know and trust, as long as you can speak for themselves also have both ability and political integrity, oh.

do personalized, service products

can be seen everywhere in the standardization of products in the twists and turns has no profit to talk about, which makes many craftsmen have to flex its muscles in time, "manual, limited" seems more appealing to the eye, but also to meet the personalized needs of the fans, if you have a custom service that is a better solution fans of the "Zhuangshan" embarrassment, but also meet the vanity. Who can’t accept


do O2O service provider

last year’s circle of friends are basically selling physical goods, only a few are running O2O service business, and this year you may see a lot of businesses to provide services, such as: foot, SPA, elderly companion and so on, at home can enjoy the service, so you can save time and effort, do not want to try


micro business is human centered, do a good job to increase the relationship between trust and improve the frequency of repeat customers to sell products. Innovative products, pictures, plus humorous content, there is a heart in 2015 unremittingly, micro business to have a rational, more humane, your circle of friends will not be friends but also very active shielding.

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