Campus ious behind ambition and pepper Jingdong shrewd

recently, Jingdong and white pepper into the campus has aroused the concern of the industry. In ten colleges and universities nationwide, the Jingdong held IOUS and pepper line promotion activities, students use the Jingdong campus IOUs, buy red pepper Note mobile phone, can be more free, for only 58 yuan. The joint promotion activities, a show by Jingdong leveraging campus ious college market ambitions, but also to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the promotion to a lot of inspiration.

campus IOUs, IOUS is a Jingdong dedicated to this specific group of students’ credit payment products, usually have campus ious students can enjoy in the Jingdong "first payment" 30 days of interest free, credit Xpress stage, up to 8000 yuan of consumer welfare. It should be said that this move Jingdong, or very unique. Because of the high threshold of credit cards, many college students can not apply for a credit card, or although can apply to, but the amount is not high. Jingdong launched campus IOUs, is lower than the threshold of credit card, the services provided are more easily moved among college students.

is more important for the campus ious has important strategic value Jingdong to open up college students. First, college students are the future consumption, seize the students is to seize the next generation of mainstream consumers, and students are more willing to try new things, starting from students’ promotion of credit payment products is the right direction; secondly, to let college students campus ious can consume first payment is driven in Jingdong’s consumption of college students that is equal to stimulate the development of business with finance; thirdly, to improve college campus ious for the Jingdong’s stickiness, use of campus IOUs, students also cannot do without the Jingdong.

this year, the campus market staging by the capital blitz, the main student installment interest installments and stage music get huge financing, the investment stage music is also a Jingdong, and the Jingdong campus IOUs, the heat of the market. Campus staging market has great market potential, not only to cultivate future consumers, because seize the students, also can hold the future of the white-collar and blue collar, but also on the basis of expanding to other markets, such as test driving, tourism, study abroad, learn these growth and get married and have children, house etc. demand. For the Jingdong the one-stop shopping mall, is of great significance, the campus IOUS is more like a future quality consumer access entrance.

if you look back at the development path of this year’s Jingdong, very clear, that is, in the country staged a basic rural and campus two routes in the development. Interesting is that Jingdong has always been accompanied by the development of Finance and electricity suppliers together, promote each other. In the campus market, with campus IOUs, Jingdong in the electricity supplier has launched the "Jingdong" campus shop, this is called to build 1000, covering 15 million students; in the rural market, Jingdong is accelerating the layout of the logistics system, to expand the financial aspects of doing rural ious.

from this point of view, the company is relatively independent of the pepper

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